2011 Valentine cum Wendy's bday

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Isn't it amazing that a person with less than a year of experience is allowed to sell you insurance, potentially dangerous product that offers you more harm than protection? Why would any guy on the street be willing to fork out a chunk of your monthly savings to buy into these products on the advice of these salesman wealth agents?


Short term wants

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Feb - First smartphone in my life (Android? Blackberry?)

Mar - Fibre Optic 100mbps student plan, new notebook?


Merry Christmas!!!

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School started last week. Didn't get a good timetable; resulting in having lesson each day for 4 days including SATURDAY morning. Can't blame anyone but SIM.

More and more students can be seen in the campus as the year progress; resulting in overcrowded canteen and bus-stop during peak hours. Can't blame anyone but SIM.

Manage to get a part-time job at UOB working 2 and a half days per week till Dec. Work starts next week, hopefully everything goes well. And hopefully I am able to complete my 20 to-read books and pick up VBA by end Jan next year before going full time into revision.

Getting less and less interested to update blog ever since theres facebook (short msg rather than a blog post).


Do you think MBS will invest in forecast technology?

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Q. Can we get to the SkyPark if it’s raining?
A. The Sands SkyPark is equipped with sophisticated weather forecast technology that will alert our operations team of incoming weather patterns, including possible thunder storms. We will try our very best to keep members of the public informed when the Sands Public Observation Deck might be closed due to extreme weather conditions. Should you have limited time to visit the SkyPark, you may wish to call ahead to confirm that tickets are available. Please call +65 6688 8868.

Good try MBS! I don't believe though.


Roast Pork (Shao Rou) 2nd try

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Probably need another 2 or 3 tries to get the timing and temperature right.


Roast Pork (Shao Rou)

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1st try.

Scored skin, rub skin and meat with combination of salt and 5 spice powder.
Baked at 250 degrees for 25min.

Result: Skin not crispy enough but taste great!


End of Internship dinner

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Marutama Ramen @ The Central

They only got 3 ramen dishes; all with same chicken soup base. Just choose any cause they are all nice!

Left: Dumpling, average.
Right: Best egg ever


Friday after work dinner

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Arrived at around 8.30pm and waiting for about 15min.

Unfortunately, the only dish that can make it is the dumpling on the right ($5.80).

In the end we agreed that even Ajisen serves better ramen at a cheaper price. Volcano ramen anytime!