Friday Night Dinner

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Left: Samba Chilli Prawn with Onion and Garlic
Right: Kailan in Oyster Sauce with Garlic, Onion and Sweet Potato Flour

Bella's packed half peach dessert


Bella's Crib


Spiderman spotted at NUS central library 23/04/09

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Nice lol


Simple Meal

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Been some time since Bella and I go for my family dinner on Wednesday. And since yesterday Bella was working near by Sis at Suntec area, we went for it. :)

Unfortunately, I did not take enough photos as was busy gobbling the food because I saw Bella doing that as well. If I take any more photos, the food would have been, you guessed it, gone.

Top: Heng Huat tasty chilli
Left: Quality Sweet Sour Pork
Right: Herbal Prawn

Bella with her satisfied look?

Today's dinner was a simple one. Bak Kut Teh soup by Mum and my boiled kailan with oyster sauce (with my favorite garlic and onion with added sweet photo flour to make it sticky) whipped in less than 10min.


GOTCHA! Bella with her new game from her favorite BigFish game developer. She was too engrossed in the game and don't care about me all day!


Prof to testify at inquiry

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THE coroner's inquiry into the death of Nanyang Technological University student David Hartanto Widjaja - who allegedly stabbed his professor - will be held over five days next month.

The dates for the hearing have been set for May 20 to 22, 25 and 26.

Early last month, the 21-year-old Indonesian student, in his final year of studies at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, fell four storeys to his death on campus.

Only minutes before, he was seen running out of his professor's office midway through a discussion, bleeding profusely.

The professor - Associate Professor Chan Kap Luk - had knife wounds and was taken to the National University Hospital.

On Wednesday, lawyer Shashi Nathan, who represents the Widjaja family, and State Counsel Shahla Iqbal, who is assisting the court in the inquiry, spent almost an hour in the chambers of State Coroner Victor Yeo before the matter was mentioned in open court.

The court heard that around 16 witnesses will take the stand.

Mr Nathan said that although the list has yet to be finalised, it is certain that Prof Chan will be one of those in the line-up.

He added that the pathologist who conducted the autopsy is likely to be the first witness.

Mr Widjaja's parents and older brother flew in from Jakarta on Tuesday to attend the hearing. At court, they were accompanied by Indonesian embassy officials. The family have also arranged to meet the head of investigations of the Jurong Police Division later today.


If you have been following this incident, you will realise there are actually 2 sides of a coin to this event. One side of the "truth" as claimed by many medias vis-a-vis the other side that showned otherwise. Hopefully, there will be a justice outcome.


Freak storm wreaks havoc

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A FREAKISH storm with strong winds uprooted trees, damaged cars and left a trail of destruction on Wednesday night, all within about 15 minutes.

There were numerous reports of fallen trees island-wide, with at least one car damaged by the falling branches in an open carpark. At a housing estate in Dover Road, a large tree almost snapped in half and lay fallen on its side, with other branches strewn across the grassy area.

Eyewitnesses also reported that large plastic barricades used in roadworks were blown across a road by the strong winds, causing traffic obstruction. Pham Tan Hung found a large tree fallen outside Hong Leong Gardens in Clementi while on his way to work on Thursday morning. 'It's a shocking scene to me. It covered the whole walking path to the bus stop, around 6 to 8 metres,' he wrote to

Weather maps from the National Environmental Agency (NEA)'s website showed that a rain storm blew over Singapore shortly after 11pm on Wednesday.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter were also abuzz with postings about the freak storm. Bloggers in Singapore also recounted personal stories, with many saying they were awoken by the violent rattling and slamming of doors caused by the winds. Others reported car alarms going off.

'We had to duck from the many things that were blowing out of control. There was a road block signage that blew across a major road. heavy duty dustbins dropped like bowling pins. We had to take refuge on the outside of a building' wrote mistipurple on her blog.

'I don't know how widely the winds could have travelled, but tonight for about five minutes, I experienced one of the strongest winds since returning to Singapore,' wrote blogger mis-erialc.

'In fact, I don't remember a time that we've ever experienced winds so strong. As the wind repeatedly assaulted my blinds, I couldn't help but look outside at the environmental commotion it was causing - the bending of trees, the picking up and tossing around of random objects outside.'



Happy Birthday to me!

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Bella and I went to Crystal Jade @ Holland Village for their steamboat buffet dinner with unlimited free flow of Xiao Long Bao on Friday the 17th, a day before my birthday.

Of course, given a choice of a soup base of either "Ma La", "xxx", "yyy", the decision is clear.

Left: Mixture of Chilli Padi, Garlic and Parsley
Right: Sweet Chilli Sauce

While waiting for the food

Is there a soup and oil distillation tool around?

Left: Given a miserable plate of 6 fresh prawn, I thought that the best way to consumer a fresh prawn is to, eat it fresh.
Right: Xiao Long Bao!

I specially prepared this small bowl of noodle for you, Xiao Wan as your birthday gift but since you are not here, I ate it on your behalf (if you ever see this post anyway)

After a super filling 2 hours of steamboat buffet, we proceeded for a drinks. I was quite reluctant to drink as I am super full to consume any more food/drink. Bella dragged me along on the floor, practically. Surprisingly, we saw Charlotte at Tangos and I thought she was drinking with her friend when Bella suggested we share the table. Moments later, the joker pair of Justin and Wee Hian arrived out of a blue. It took me almost 106seconds before I realised this was a planned event with Bella, the conducting, Wee Hian the supervising and Justin the safety officers (nvm if you don't understand, most probably you have not been to army)

Bella's red wine and my jug of mango ice blended (with don't know what alcohol, ordered by Wee Hian)

Free Image Hosting at
My birthday present from Wee Hian, a Nike Mercurial Lite 2 Shin Guard! Can't wait to put them on!

The peeps who were there!

After the drinks, we proceeded to House @ Dempsey for more drinks. Should have take a photo of Justin riding his bike with his expression (think of his face with blur looks and mouth opening an inch)

House @ Dempsey

Picture speaks a thousand words

Justin with his crazy actions again. And no, I did not pull up my pants and sleeves.

Left: The crazy Justin back to his emo moment.
Right: The pot of alcohol was ordered by Wee Hian for me. Think it was what thousand island tea, can't remember but it goes with Coke. Quite nice.

Free Image Hosting at
A nice photo we took before leaving Dempsey. I have to clarify that my pant was wet because of the spill of drink by Justin on me. Further supporting evidence was shown by the spill on my shirt at the belly area! rahhh

Thanks for the mini celebration, I enjoyed them every moment (till now, that is). Xie xie ni Bella for arranging this, xie xie Wee Hian for ordering me so drinks, xie xie Justin for all the fun, lame, jokes and emo moments and xie xie Charlotte for forgoing your exams revision time.

Left: When you just finished a 2 hours of buffet, downed almost 1.5L of alcohol within 3 hours, this was what happened. Luckily, I still managed to take a bathe, wash my face, brush teeth, I even use both shampoo and conditioner! But once I reached my bed, I was sleeping like a dog log.
Right: The after-effect of sleeping with hair wet. No hangover though :)

Birthday dinner with my dad, Heng Huat dishes.

Left: Mee Sua
Right: La La

Left: Oyster Omelet
Right: "Kai Lan Dao Kee"

Steamed Bass with soya sauce

See here for Bella's post.