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About The Blogger

Collin had quited from his Engineering studies at NTU to pursue his interest in the Finance field. He is now studying BSc Banking & Finance at SIM UOL.

Collin spend his free time playing sports, monitoring SGX Stocks, blogging, constantly sourcing for money making opportunities and of course last but not least spending quality time with his girlfriend Wendy.

About The Blog : Diversifying Ruined

This blog came alive on 30th July 07. The idea to start a blog was out of interest and developing a presence on the Internet for his fellow friends, colleagues etc to further know more about his life. Apart from that, this blog serves as a channel of communication, a channel of ideas exchanging, knowledge gaining and last but not least a channel of entertainment.

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Why the name Diversifying Ruined?

Basically in short, "diversifying ruined" really mean what it imply. That is, "ruined by diversifying".

Since young, Collin likes to diversify across many areas. For example in sports such as soccer and basketball, when he saw that he peers are only capable of dribbling using 1 hand (Basketball) or leg (Soccer), he would learn both. And during his time, not many of his peers dare to head a ball or chest, he would again try to learn a little of everything. Now, though he may not be a good dribbler nor a good shooter, he is able to dribble and shoot with either hand (basketball), leg (soccer), essentially an all-rounded. He is currently playing as a striker for his NTU Hall 5 team.

Being a natural-born sports Athletic, he is able to pick up sports quite fast. Other than basketball and soccer, he also picked up Volleyball and Baseball though the latter is not classified as a CCA in his high school time. In his 4 years high school time, Collin won 20 over medals in track & field, cross-country, inter-class sports etc.

Other than sports, Collin also picks up recreational sports like Pool, Snooker, Bowling, Poker, Daidee, Mahjong etc. He spent a considerable amount of time playing these during his High School times.

Collin developed a strong sense of interest in Computers & Technology in his High School year 3. He then quited from his High School Basketball Team (He was in 1st 5) to spend his time picking up some essential computer skills. He was worshiped as IT "God" by his friends (Ok, less than worship). Soon, he was selected to design a web page for one of his school's science competition. While he was in his Poly days, Collin discovered that new open-sourced Linux was gaining popularity and giving Microsoft a chase of their money. He decided to diversify his computer skills across with Linux. His Internship and Final Year Project was dealing with Linux. He was awarded A and Distinction for them.

Identifying the needs to do Financial Planning early, he decided to borrow books and surf the web to satisfy his thirst of financial knowledge. While his friends are watching TV, relaxing in bunks, Collin would spend the time reading on books borrowed during his Army days. Soon, he finding himself investing in Unit Trust and Stocks.

Now, but why the word ruined? Because even though Collin diversify across many areas, he is still a typical Singaporean who is still struggling to make something great out of his life. He is neither specialized in soccer, nor in computer, nor in any of the areas hes came across. In fact, if he were to concentrate on playing basketball since Pri 4, he might be able to make it big! He is ruined by diversifying.

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