YangZheng Primary School Class 6F Gathering

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This post is to my primary school class 6F friends.

Min Zhou
Renfeng (Yes, hes not dead!)
Ming Chun
Yong Xiang

Special Guest - Samantha

Did I miss out anyone?

If your name is listed above, you are to give a sms/msg to Collin and give him your Dec 07's commitment so as to select the date that most of us would be free.

Initial Suggestion - 20th (Tuesday) and 22nd (Thursday) of December.

Itinerary for the outing is not out yet, anyone would like to contribute some ideas? Points to note, as this is once in a blue moon gathering for all to catch up with one another, communication is deemed as the most important point to consider. Hence, we need a place where it is able to accommodate us and able to speak freely and clearly for all to hear.


Tired but Happy Day!

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I received a leaflet today. I was shock when i saw it. This is what it was written. "Learn to play game for $1.60/hr". Games included are cs dota etc. Amazing!

But what is more shocking was that my dear passed her Traffic Police Test today! Knowing that she did not have much confidence in passing beforehand, i did not held my expectation too high either. She called, told me all the mistakes she made. However, my spider sense told me that something was wrong somewhere. Reason was that she was not saying in a depressing tone, neither was she saying in a normal tone which was very unlike her. She was telling me patiently but my brain was not attentive to her words as my mind was guessing that she had passed the test.Finally after a 5min talk, she said the tester passed her after some cute pleading from her Haha! Like that also can! Wonder what if I am the one who plead?

I managed to hide my delight well but inside me i was like cheering for "happy day ahead!" This is something really unexpected as the day before things worsen when she was suffering from over work breakdown (poor thing).

While waiting for her at PS, I saw some incident outside PS at the taxi stand. A car was horned and it caught my attention. I wondered what was wrong. This is the road.

The problem was that the car that was horned, was at the left side of the photo going up north. But it gave way to other cars on the right. And the car behind horned...rightfully. Because the road condition is like the cars on the right side need to give way to other cars due to the double dotted line. Bottomline is that, all drivers need to obey the road condition/signals in order to make Singapore road a safe place.

Anyway, we met up, bought her favourite cranberry at PS Carrefour, then had our lunch at Suntec Food Republic. The food sucks though, below was what we ordered.

Then we proceeded to Orchard Road to get her Bikini because we are going to Bintan next week! A break after my exams but before her audit peak period. We had our dinner at our favourite Lucky Plaza Chicken Rice stall. Love it slurp.

Tired, shall end here.


Starhub Promotion for all!

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For SCV (Cable TV):
1) Up to 50% off
2) $100 off in a year
3) Free MOL Surflite
4) Free Digital Voice Home
5) Rental of HubStation and HD set up boxes available

For MOL (Maxonline):
1) Free modem & $5 discount/month
2) Free SB6100 Motorola Modem + 20% discount (Modem supports up to 100Mbps; highest speed in SG)
3) Up to 10% discount for Home Networking Kit for Premium/ Ultimate plan throughout contract
4) Free Motorola Cable Modem + 25% discount for 8 Mbps Express Plan
5) 25% off for 100Mbps plan + FREE router
6) MOL SL @ $26.96/mth only
7) Free VeCm + DVH
8) 30% off 12 Mbps Premium Plan + Free cable modem
9) MOL Express Plus – Free Cable Modem + 1 Mbps Maxmobile
10) Hubber Offer – CableTV + MOL Premium 12 Mbps + MaxMobile 1 Mbps + Digital Voice @ $81.32

For DV (Digital Voice):
1) Free Caller ID, call waiting, call divert, voice mail (Value Bundle) for first 3 months
2) Free Landline number retention till 31 Dec 2010 for MOL customers
3) Free unlimited incoming + outgoing DV calls for MOL subscribers till 31 Dec 2010

For Mobile:
1) All day incoming calls FREE
2) Enjoy $50 Hubber Bonus off any NEW 2 year Mobile Package
3) Special low price on selected model of StarBuy cell phones
4) FREE Handset

For Maxmobile (Broadband on the go):

1) 50% off @ $36.38 (7.2 Mbps) Existing Sub
2) 30% off @ $50.93 (7.2 Mbps)
3) 30% off @ $27.10 (2 Mbps)

Leave me a mail for more promotions.


Last paper yeah!

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3 papers down, last one to go.
3 papers down, all 3 not able to score.
3 papers down, 2 have difficulty passing.

This is normal............... in B.Eng (Computer Engineering) that is, period.


Cha Yi Dian

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3 papers down, last to go! Enjoy the video :)


Two SDP leaders arrested, police refuse to give reason

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Singapore Democrats
20 Nov 07

The police have detained Mr John Tan and Ms Chee Siok Chin. The two SDP leaders had gone to Orchard Road to witness a protest that was supposed to be conducted by a group of Burmese nationals at the ASEAN Summit.

But when they arrived at the scene, the two were surrounded by a group of police officers and prevented from walking on.

They were subsequently arrested and led to an unmarked police vehicle by W/Sgt Thean Siew Khin, Sgt Peter Chan, and Cpl Ng Chee Wei and driven away.

When asked the officers refused to say why the two party leaders were being detained.

Initially, the officers would only say that Mr Tan and Ms Chee would be taken to “your headquarters” at Serangoon Road. But halfway to the destination, a radio call came through informing the officers that the destination was incorrect.


Was showed the video by my mystery MSN friend.

Its always interesting to see this kind of real life video. This time round, the casts are even bigger than Zoe Tay or Lee Nan Xing! They are the Singapore Police Force VS the Singapore Democratic Party.

For those who don't know, the lady is Ms Chee Siok Chin and the videoman is Mr John Tan, both are the membes of SDP. Apparently, she just wanted to have a meal with his friend at Shangri-La Hotel where we all know some ASEAN leaders are signing some agreement held there.

Summary of the video.

Again, there are always 2 side of people and opinion (thats why theres SDP!).

On the Police.
  • Thumbs up for their professionalism for not losing their cool on a hard and trouble maker.
  • Thumbs down for being too soft.
  • Thumbs down for not stating the obvious reason thats she prohibited to enter, hence wasting lots of precious time and manpower that was necessary in case of emergency.
We all know Ms Chee from the video that she just wanted some hard facts and rules from the thick law book but the police failed to produce any. That will only strengthen her determination.

On the SDP.

Another shameless and disgraceful act to the SDP and Singapore. Try doing that in other countries! Disclaimer: This post represents a humble opinion from the blogger on this issue. He has nothing against anyone. He loves Singapore and is proud to be her citizen!


Newcastle Unite 0 - 3 Liverpool

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Premier League
Final - St James' Park Attendance: 52,307
Newcastle 0 - 3 Liverpool

Steven Gerrard (28)
Dirk Kuyt (46)
Ryan Babel (66)


Food Business

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Hi all,

I got a lobang for food business for all of you, yes all of you, whether you are my friends or are strangers.

Below advertisement is posted on behalf for my friend for those who want to earn extra cash every month.


Are you working in an office and there is nothing to eat at your workplace?
Or you have friends working in factories and they need someone to delivery food for them?
Or you have some camps or outing that you need big amount of food?
Or you are having a chalet/party which need catering?

We are a registered company. We have branches around Singapore (eating house, hawker, coffeeshops, canteen, restaurant etc). We had been in this trade for around 25 years. Mostly dealing with chinese food, but able to deal with muslim/ indian food (HALAL CERTIFIED) from their partner halal stalls too.


Here is your chance to earn extra cash every month by doing something easy.

We also deal with packet food. To expand our business, we intend to pay the person who helps us find companies who want packet food. He/She will get 3% (a little plus minus depending of situation) of what the company pays us. We do not count 3% from the profit we earn, but its the 3% of the food we sell!


For example:
1 packet food is $3
You managed to find a factory that orders 50 packets from us.
$3 x 50 = 150 (1 meal)
150 x 3 = 450 (3 meals a day)
$450 x 30 = 13500 (3 meals a day for 1 month)
13500 * 0.03 = $405 (this is what you get if you just find 50 people who order packet rice from us 3 meals a day!)

Lets say if you manage to find 200 people who needs packet food,
405 / 50 x 200 = $1620

The best thing is this isn’t just a 1-time payment. As long as the company you sourced order from us, you will get paid
! If the company you found even sign a contract with us to supply monthly packets of food, you will get paid every month!

If you manage several companies(different location/area) who want to order from us, we will add up all orders and pay you accordingly. However, min 30 packages to per location.

Our packet food (mixed veg rice) are from (economical $2+) (normal to $3+) to (premium $4+)

Organising a buffet for your Church, School, Office or Events? We do small catering / buffet too!


Cantonese Style 煮炒
Dried Chilli Chicken Cube 宫保鸡丁饭
Black Pepper Chicken 黑椒鸡肉饭
Ginger Onion Sliced Fish 姜葱鱼片饭
Mixed Veg Seafood 海鲜杂菜饭
Braised Beancurd 红烧豆腐饭
Sweet & Sour Pork 糖醋肉饭
Black Bean Sauce Sliced Fish 鼓汁鱼片饭
Fried Chicken 炸鸡饭
Fried Omelette 芙蓉蛋饭
Seafood Fried Rice 海鲜炒饭
Crispy Noodle/Bee Hoon 生面
Hong Kong Noodle 香港面
Hokkien Noodle 福建面
Malay Style Noodle 马来面
Salted Fish Fried Rice 咸鱼炒饭
Sin Chew Bee Hoon 星洲米粉
Mui Fan 烩饭
Hor Fan 河粉
Dried Hor 干河
Normal Fried Rice 炒饭
Sambal Fried Rice 参巴炒饭

Veg Rice 杂菜饭

1 Veg 1 Meat 1 1肉 $2.3 *(Economical package, Offer rate $2)
3 Veg 0 Meat 3
0肉 $2.5
2 Veg 1 Meat 2 1肉 $3.0 *(Normal package, $3)
1 Veg 2 Meat 1 2肉 $3.5
2 Veg 2 Meat 2 2肉 $4.2 *(premium package, Offer rate $4)
3 Veg 1 Meat 3 1肉 $3.7
Or customized Menu
More than 40 different kinds of dishes!

Morning Style 早市

Fried BeeHoon 炒米粉
Fried KwayTiao 炒果条
Fried Mee 炒面
Mee Goreng 马来炒面

Big Fish Cake 大鱼饼
Wu Xiang 五香
Seafood Curd 豆干
Sausage 香肠
Fish Fillet 鱼柳
Small Fish Cake 小鱼饼
Luncheon 午餐肉
Fried Egg 煎蛋

Chicken Rice 鸡饭
Drumbstick Rice 鸡腿饭
Charsiew Rice 叉烧饭
Roast Meat Combo 叉烧烧肉饭
Wantan Mee 云吞面
Charsiew Mee 叉烧面
Laksa /Chicken Laksa 叻沙
Lor Mee 卤面
Chicken Macaroni 鸡肉通心粉

All kinds of Soft drinks
Home made Barley
Home made Ice lemon tea
Home made Lime juice with plum

The above mention are Chinese food. We do have Halal food upon requested too.

30 packets and above - FREE CUT FRUITS (lunch and dinner)
60 packets and above - FREE CUT FRUITS + FREE SOUP (1 pot enough for 50 people)
90 packets and above - FREE CUT FRUITS + FREE CHICKEN CURRY (1 pot enough for 90 people)

For normal and premium packet food (lunch and dinner)


Interested parties feel free to email me for questions or discussions. We can work things out together :)


Sena IPhone Case

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Did a Sena IPhone Case MO at Hardwarezone Forum recently and the cases arrived via Fedex today. Arranged a time for them to deliver between 8pm to 10pm and guess what they arrived at 8.03pm. Thumbs up for their service.

Those who are interested in getting one, please contact me via any means you can get to me :D


Einstein's Intelligence Quiz

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Einstein wrote this quiz last century. He said that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz.

  • There are 5 houses in 5 different colors
  • In each house lives a person with a different nationality
  • These 5 owners drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and keep a certain pet
  • No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar or drink the same drink.
Here's the question: Who owns the fish?
  1. The Brit lives in a red house
  2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets
  3. The Dane drinks tea
  4. The green house is on the left of the white house
  5. The green house owner drinks coffee
  6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds
  7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill
  8. The man living in the house right in the middle drinks milk
  9. The Norwegian lives in the first house
  10. The man who smokes Blend lives next door to the one who keeps cats.
  11. The man who keeps horses lives next door to the man who smokes Dunhill
  12. The owner who smokes Blue Master drinks beer
  13. The German smokes Prince
  14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house
  15. The man who smokes Blend has a neighbor who drinks water
With these 15 clues the problem is solvable.

Used 3 papers before finally solve it.


No more Monday Blues!

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In the midst of his exams and her busy work, the bloggers of Diversifying Ruined and sWeetalicious wIne Lover Life decides to defy against all odds to have a break. Today marks the end of his 2nd exams paper, today marks the beginning of her yet another on-job assignment. However, nothing beats having a free movie treat at GV by Nuffnang.

Yes, I was one of the lucky bloggers to be selected by Nuffang to win a pair of tickets to GV Grand today! The movie was "Enchanted" by Waltz Disney. Knowing that it has a fairy tale story which Wendy will go "aww" or *wiping tears*, I decided to "jio" her to this movie on a good Monday blues.

I'm wondering why the hell is Great World City build there. Don't be mistaken, the shopping mall was great, spacious, aircon temperature was comfortable, shops were aplenty. The only bad point, inaccessible. The only way to go there was bus and cab, nearest MRT was like few km away? And the number of buses aren't that great. I'm sure with some better transportation, Great World City will be a nice weekend hideout. Believe it or not, this was the first time me and Li Ling went to Great World City. Perhaps due to its inaccessibility, we had never thought of going there at all. Hence, you may have guessed that we were having trouble finding the place and going back. Luckily, we have the awesome online streetdirectory. With just few clicks, the directions was out.

We took 195 outside City Hall MRT. Upon reaching the cinema, we saw some little crowd outside, around a booth. It was the people at Nuffang. Quite surprising because I saw quite a number of their staff. Only thing I realised Nuffang is big and growing! Received our tickets in a minute and looking at the time, we decided to explore the mall before the screening start.

The movie was good. Romance, humorous, animation, cute. All in 1 package. Think most girls will like it. You can give it a try if you have no idea which show to watch since nowadays there isn't any fantastic movie or is there?

We could not decide whether to have our late dinner at Jack's Place or Kenny Roger. In the end, Wendy finally said Jack's Place. (Thats what I was thinking too! hehe) But now that we have ate at Jack's Place, I probably won't go patronize again until some time later when I managed to find someone to share the Oyster Natural with me. Li Ling doesn't like it, its too gross for her! hhaa


School Teacher's Marriage

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To all the peeps out there who are dating a teacher and to those who are planning to date/marry a teacher, please consider. :P


Shang Hai Tang

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Finally decided to revert back to this skin. I love it man! So clean and wide. Anyway Wendy sent me this song and I would like to dedicate it all the people in the world who appreciate Chinese Food! Yeah!

Apologize for the Imeem playlist on the right, its really laggy hah. But the nice songs there are worth the wait!

Let the music speaks.


Always look on the bright side of life

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Check out this humorous soccer video. Good for a laugh. Like the part where Shearer showed the referee red card, thought that was hilarious.

Always look on the bright side of life~~


Decision Paid Off

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Bad, woke up today morning with the persistant flu still with me. Went to the medical centre only to see lots of ah tiong postgraduate having their medical checkup. Not wanting to wait in the queue because the opportunity cost is too much to waste my time in the queue, I decided to get Panadol Cold from 7-11. My decision paid off as I was given a free Looney Tunes phone chain. Great! Because I have been wanting to get a new phone chain for Li Ling! Now I need not search for it. I am sure she will like it. Got picture got talk!

For those who are using Imeem.com (Its really a great site!), I found a nice playlist and I listened to it while mugging. I strongly recommend it. Li Ling's been listening to it till don't wanna sleep yesterday night! As the playlist is long, I have decided to place it on the right column of my blog. Check it out. It will take some time to load though.

Last but not least. While I was having my lonely lunch at Canteen A, someone surprised me from behind! Turning around, I saw the love of my life! HAHA! Its Sim Li Ling! Shes been hiding from me that she took leave today and she came to accompany me! So touch hehe. Xie Xie Ni :)


Productive Day!

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Quite a productive today. Mugged for 12 hours at the library today for the next paper Logic Design which is on next Monday.

Just for your extra information. Few weeks ago, NTU has made a standardization of some commonly used terminology. From now onwards, the previously used term "Module/Subject" has been changed to "Course". A bit strange because previously when people asked what course are you studying? Common reply would be "Computer Engineering"(for example). Now the term "Course" has been changed to "Subject/Module" instead. And the degree you are studying now has been standardize to "Programme". This sounds more logical.

To add on, I have to endure the 12 hours mugging with the stupid sickening flu. And I tell you, FLU IS THE MOST FREQUENT AND ANNOYING SICKNESS! Brought 1 1/2 pack of tissue but ran out half way. Went down to Canteen to buy 2 packets. Cost of 2 packets of tissue - $0.40. The feeling of wiping your mucus with tissue when its dripping - PRICELESS.

Ok, just some stress releasing. Time to catch some sleep to chiong tomorow. Nightz


An Oscar nominated joke....

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Survey shows Singapore is Asia's most desirable city to live in

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SINGAPORE: According to the latest Country Brand Index, Singapore is – among Asian cities – the country that most people want to live in.

Singapore also came up tops among Asian countries in this annual global survey when it came to shopping and fine dining.

On the global stage, Singapore was number three in this category.

It was also placed in the third spot, after Sweden and New Zealand, for being environmentally conscious.

The survey has also sealed Singapore's reputation as an attractive business destination.

Singapore was ranked within the world's top 10 countries for best and easiest places to do business.

These were the choices made by over 2,600 international travellers who participated in this year's survey. View rankings from all the categories here.



Nice Skyline

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I took a walk across one of the bridge in NTU after my dinner at Canteen A. I chanced upon this sunset. Few minutes later, another guy stopped and took a snapshot of it using his camera phone. Then, a couple noticed it and stopped by to pose for a shot together too. (awww I wish I could took a photo with the blogger of sweetalicious wine lover life too!)

It came to my thoughts that whenever Singaporeans went to overseas and saw some nice skyline, they would envy and admire it and hoped that Singapore would have a similar one. Just take some seconds off the street to take a glance at the sky. Believe me, the actual scene is much more nicer compared to the picture above.

Below are some more photos which I took during Poly days. That was when the digicam camera was in such a crazy and I decided to join in and thankfully learnt a bit about cameras :)


FJ Benjamin

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One of my stock holdings, FJ Benjamin, today announced its Q1 08 Results.

SINGAPORE, 12 November 2007 – F J Benjamin, Singapore’s leading fashion and lifestyle group, today announced a 33% increase in its first quarter (Q1) 2008 net profit after tax to $4 million from $3 million in the same quarter last year. Turnover for the same three months ended September 30 rose 43% to $82 million as the key markets in Southeast Asia continued their growth momentum. The Southeast Asian markets grew 49% in Q1 08 over the same quarter last year, helped by strong performance in Malaysia and contributions from new stores and new brands. Overall, F J Benjamin’s fashion business grew 82% year-on-year, in line with the growth of its retail footprint. Excluding sales from new brands Gap, Banana Republic and Celine, retail sales of existing fashion brands increased 38% from Q1 07.

The report can be found here.

However, today STI dropped another whopping 80 points to 3511 points. Today launches another IPO Sinotel. It opened at 58 cents which is a 13% increase of its IPO priced at 51 cents. Recently there has been a lot of IPOs launched ever since the STI surge up to 3800 points. With the STI having dropped a massive 160 points or near 6%, its not surprising to see the IPO drought again. And for those whos been keeping cash, time for some bargain hunt again? Previously good fundamental stocks which I missed have dropped to even lower. Attractive yet again.


Sunderland 1 - 1 Newcastle United

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Final - Stadium of Light Attendance: 47,701
Sunderland 1 - 1 Newcastle
Danny Higginbotham (52)

James Milner (65)


Interesting Sights

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Would you dare to sit?
How many seconds did you take to understand the above sign?

What is he trying to fish?

How would you react if this is the water melon you bought home?


The Pharmacist

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Sena IPhone Cases

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Anyone interested in getting one of the above IPhone cases?



Happy 21st Month Anniversary to us!

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To My *** Battery Friends

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This post is dedicated to my battery friends during my 2nd year of NS journey. Recently had a conversation with Fred regarding his and my blog. He mentioned that some of them particularly Desmond and Xyse reads my blog in office. Make sure you don't kana caught by BSM or BC ah lol. If not you will have all the time to read during the weekend in camp haha. Anyway, thanks guys for reading and all the best for the rest of your NS journey.

Just feel like posting some photos in my last NS overseas trip. Miss the times where dragging yourself out of the warm sleeping bag is such a challenge, miss the outfield sumptuous dinner, miss the outfield soccer.

In my short 2 years NS, I have the luxury of traveling to 4 different countries with the furthest South Africa. Of course I cannot reveal any more details beyond the country, if not I have to start killing my readers...with cheese.

This is South Africa nightsnack. Yes you heard it, nightsnack. Of course its to share among 10 - 15 people but its enough and fulfilling. You saw that, SFI?

One of the beer in South Africa

Enjoy a bottle of beer at their pub during the R&R

I miss back the time in NS when its so carefree. After 6pm and before 8am is so free except during ocassional times when we need to work OT, sometimes even after 10pm. But hey, its so much more relax and fun compared to studying lol. Ok I know some of you may disagree especially those serving NS now. Wait till you ORD hehe.

And to my battery friends, 7 more months to ORD!! Cheers


Newcastle United 1 - 4 Portsmouth

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Final - St James' Park Attendance: 51,490
Newcastle 1 - 4 Portsmouth
Sol Campbell (og 16)

Noe Pamarot (8)
Benjani Mwaruwari (9)
John Utaka (11)
Niko Kranjcar (71)


The Perfect Couple

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Beware of silver cab?

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Below story was sent to me via email. Disclaimer, the story might not be true so treat it as leisure reading.

This is an incident that happens yesterday when I was on my way back to office in Robinson road. As I was running out of time, I took a cab fromTraders Hotel. As I was waiting for a cab, a guy approaches me asking if I'm getting a cab, I told him yes and in the meantime, there was a NTUC cab turning in. He waves "no" to the NTUC cab and that keep me wondering why I can't take that cab, later he signal a silver cab over and ask me to take this cab instead.

I obliged as I think there should not be any problem.The cab driver told me he wanted to go by Havelock road which I agreeddue to lesser traffic. In the meanwhile, I notice there was some amount indicated in the meter under extra, which I assume it was the peak hour charges. So for a 4.3km and 11 minutes ride, we pass a ERP gantry costing a dollar extra, I also realize the extra charges reflected $7. I kept my cool and when I reach my destination, he told me the total fare was $14.60. I asked him to print out the receipt and he told me the ERP was $7. I argued with him that we only cross one gantry and which powerful gantry in Singapore charges $7. He replied "I DON"TKNOW".

Being a cab driver, I was in disbelief when he told me he doesn't know.I pointed to the charges reflected in the IU unit which reflected adollar and that shut him up completely and he changed his story thatmost probably the machine is spoilt and he need to send the car back to the company to check. FYI, the car was a new KIA Premier.

I does not know whether he did it purposely or he really is ignorant but you guys should really be more careful when taking cab as what he didwas trying to cheat me a "SINGAPOREAN" and I wonder how many tourists have been cheated for the extra "ERP" charges. Please look at the meter when you take a cab.