Weekends are here again!

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Song for the weekend. Its ok if you don't remember the song after listening a few times. But what you need to know is that the song goes like this..woooo.. WOOoooOoo....WOooOoOoO....

Weekends are finally here! Heres my itinerary for this precious weekends.
01 Mar 08 (Saturday)

0900hrs - Reveille
1000hrs - Serangoon Bus Interchange (Take 105 to Toa Payoh)
1030hrs - Toa Payoh (Change to Bus 151/154 to SIM)
1100hrs - Submit Documents
1130hrs - Take Bus to Queensway (61)
1200hrs - Breakfast/Queensway/Anchorpoint (Buy leather shoe and office wear shirts)
1345hrs - Take Bus to Harbourfront (61)
1400hrs - Reach Harbourfront
1415hrs - Repair Prada Phone
1440hrs - Buy 1/4 Sweet and 3/4 Salty Popcorn Combo and watch "Death Note"
1700hrs - Collect Phone and proceed to Glutton's Bay for dinner (MRT)
1940hrs - Watch "Meet the Spartans"
2200hrs - Home Sweet Home (Take Bus 70)
0000hrs - Nights off

02 Mar 08 (Sunday)

0845hrs - Reveille
0930hrs - AMK Hub (Breakfast - Bak Chor Mee 2 bowls shared among 3 people)
1000hrs - Take bus to Bishan Park
1015hrs - Warm up
1030hrs - Eugene's farewell soccer
1300hrs - Cool down
1430hrs - Reach home
1500hrs Onwards - OTOT
Alright, due to the hectic schedule planned tomorrow, I have to catch an early sleep tonight. I think its my first time going for a movie marathon. Surprisingly, I am not excited at all maybe because its not my 1st time watching movie marathon.

err I think I better sleep.. good night my loyal readers.


Tua Lobang

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This should be the shortest post of all. Enough said, just go to the web site and remember to thank me. :)


SGD$2000 airplane ticket to Hong Kong?

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Can someone tell me what is wrong with Cathay Pacific charging ~SGD$2k for a 5D4N ticket to Hong Kong?

P.S Anyone know if its against any Hotel's policy for 4 guys to stay in a room meant for two? Nono, I'm just asking out of curiosity. :P


1997 Roberto Carlos Free Kick vs. France

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Amazing free kick thats worth a watch over and over again. Just look at the amount of ground he covered for his run up and where he strike the ball. The amount of swerve is out of this world!


F4-1 Outing

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We finally have a time to catch up with Ben after he came back from US. Unfortunately, Gavin has duty and was unable to join us (Who knows if its real? lol)

The time to meet was supposed to be 11am but Roy overslept and luckily he woke up from my SMS. I have to reach SIM before they close at 1pm in order to submit my application documents. We took 105 to Toa Payoh before taking a cab down.

We managed to reach SIM on time and only to find out that they need my original copies of documents to verify the information. Why on earth do they need original copies when the other 3 local Unis do not need? argh wasted our time and money.

Anyway, its the 2nd time I have been to SIM. The previous was for my Sister's Graduation dunno how many years ago. Surprisingly, there were huge number of people there on a Saturday early afternoon, mostly teenagers.

We then proceed to Queensway taking Bus 61. Roy was looking for cap while I was looking for a pair of leather shoe and some office wear shirt. It was about 1.30pm when we reach there and Roy suddenly had a craving for Macdonalds. Its been some time since I last ate fast food. Fast food hasn't really been my favorites but it tastes good when we're hungry :P

We left Queensway empty handed. We could not find our desired items and headed to the opposite Anchorpoint to see my Pedro leather shoes. Shockingly, the price are very steep and most of the shoes are not priced at the advertised "up to 50% discount". However, the G2000 outlet there has one or two pretty decent office wear shirts with cufflink but I decided that I have to make a trip to Wing Tai Building for their G2000 factory outlet before making any purchase.

So it was traveling time again. We took the same bus 61 to Harbourfront MRT to switch to taking NEL to Kovan MRT. It was a hot day and we spent like 20-30 mins waiting for the bus argh.

It was really a disappointment and another wasted trip at Wing Tai Building as their collections of shirts really CANNOT MAKE IT! Furthermore, their fitting room is closed for who knows whatever reason. I saw a couple of pants that I want to try it out before buying. Well, too bad.

We walked back to Kovan MRT to take a train down to City Hall for dinner before catching Ah Long at Suntec Eng Wah Cinema. Along the way to Kovan, we bought bubble tea at $1.20 each. Whats worse was that Ben spilled his drinks onto his WHITE COLOR tee buahaha! Apparently, the cup has a cut at the side of the drink. Luckily, the area affected is his bottom of the shirt and he tuck in his shirt after that.

Due to the Macdonalds breakfast and the bubble tea in the afternoon, we are not feeling the hungriness for dinner. But we still managed to grab something before going for the movie later on. We had a great laugh at Ah Long movie and its definitely worth the money for a 118min long show. We has a nice end to our outing, full of traveling, full of laughter, full of chatting. Looking forward to next F4 overseas trip? hehe


Have you heard of the WTF Show?

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Was looking for some W960i video in Youtube when I came across this interesting video.

The host is one of Singapore's most famous blogger Mr Brown. Funny guy as ever.

More videos at The WTF! Show.

oh btw w960i has already been launched in Singapore. Again, a lot of hype was on this phone before it was even launched, however, bad move by Sony Ericsson as there was not much marketing for it. Do expect Apple to create a scene here with their iPhone soon.


Fatarian Gathering

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Its always nice to have gathering that involved our Primary, Secondary, Poly or even Army friends once in a while to catch up with one another. Last Saturday, we had a pretty good turn-out at Eugene's place for BBQ and watching soccer overnight. Our joker Justin did not turn up unfortunately. Some of them were setting up the fire while the rest was helping to carry the stores. I was told by Galvin that Eugene's house was at 204D, so I went up 204D to find his house number. I called Eugene and he told me it was 204B -_-. Then I thought I went up 204B, it was 203B. And his house is at the 15th floor, I was tired out even before the BBQ starts.

I did some cam-whoring while they were preparing the food. A decent BBQ but unfortunately one of the BBQ star was not marinated long enough to absorb the taste - Chicken Wings. Among the rest were the usual hotdog (Eugene is a hotdog fan!), prawn, sotong (squid), bacon, satay etc.

Ray arrived when we have finished the BBQ. Luckily he already had his dinner. In an instant, he whip out a DSLR. Quite surprised that he bought one, it cost him about $1200. Didn't know he was into photography too! To be frank, this was the first time I had my hands on a DSLR. Man, it ignited my interest back to photography. Really attracted by the non-existent shutter-lag. But one thing lacking to me was the LCD. I think its rather hard to aim using optical viewfinder unless you are an amatuer because the focus is not really clear.

Anyway, after the BBQ, we cease fired and went back to Eugene's modern lifestyle house. Its one of the nicest-designed house I have been to. We had some drinks, mahjong before the match between Man Utd and Arsenal started. The match was surprisingly one-sided as Man Utd thrashed Arsenal 4-0. Quite boring I would say. During the match, we were playing Indian poker where loser will have to drink (usual). The drinks for the night was Absolute Vodka with Sprite. I really dislike Vodka and had to down 2 cups (1/3 neat). Drank some beers throughout the night too.

It was time to say good bye when Wee Hian, Galvin, Ray and Jeremiah have to leave us at 3am+. Joel, Samuel, Da Xuan and me were staying for the night to catch a train back in the morning. I slept on the sofa in the living room with aircon switched on (yes, aircon in the living room). I adjusted the temperature throughout the night from 21 degrees to 23 degrees, from medium speed to lowest speed. ok, I am afraid of cold and I do not have a blanket.

Upon reaching home, I did some washing of dishes, collecting of laundry, reading newspaper before taking a nap till about 2pm. Then I went over to Wendy's house to help her with her work. Its period period for her now! Initially, I wanted to leave at around 8pm before was persuaded to stay for dinner. I always enjoyed the food at Wendy's house! After the dinner, I took a short rest on Wendy's bed before falling asleep deep and sound till 11pm. My poor Li Ling was working through my nap. Poor dear. *muackz*

I quickly go back home and continued with her work till 1am before proceeding to bed. She was working till 2am! poor girl..

Our "lao yu sheng" video. Check out the stupid acts by Galvin.

P.S Sorry for the late post as I only managed to get the photos from Ah Fu Ge yesterday night.


Ants Poison

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Description: Recently, thousands of ants have invaded my house. Through my S2 (Intelligence), we have managed to find their POL (Passage of Line).

Current Situation: Every morning there will be an army of ants invading my house (Blue Zone). Their POL leads all the way from outside my door to my kitchen. This is rather irritating.

Reinforcement: I need serious reinforcement at blue zone and preferably new technology could be unveiled Now, anyone know of ants poison that I can purchase from in order to cut off their POL to my house?


LG Prada

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Bought a LG Prada for my dear Wendy.

Here are some of the photos took using the camera. Not really fantastic but I think it suffice or at least much better than our current VGA Camera Phones.


DCNT Gathering

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Thanks to Jun Jie, we had our DCNT (Diploma in Computer & Network Technology) gathering after 2 years of army. Kudos for the hard work in organising and planning, and ya we know its tough.

We met up 7pm at Clarke Quay MRT and proceeded to Tiffany Coffee House @ Furama Hotel. Unfortunately, the food was not great and failed miserably to justify for its price. Only the Cold Prawn and Pheonix Roll are nice. Nevertheless, we still had a nice time catching up with each other, the never ending jokes and the ever "laughing out loud" jits.

After the dinner, Amanda had to go off early while the rest of us went down to Clarke Quay for some drinking session. We were deciding which pub to go before stopping by outside The Arena. The striking bright red sign attracted us from far and Cindy recommended it.

We opened 2 Martell with 3 mixer, cost us $350. After first round of drinking, Cindy and Shi Hui were off. The rest of us play some drinking games before going down to the limited space dancing floor yet it was so empty. After half an hour to forty-five minutes, we were tired and went back to our place and ordered 1 jug of Tiger. Minutes later, there was an announcement saying that its 1 for 1 for tiger -_-.

We left the place at about 3am soberly, no one was drunk or even the slightest giddy. We did not drink much anyway.
P.S Sorry for the late post, this event took place around 2 weeks ago. :)


Singapore GP launches Phase One of General Ticket sales on 14 February 2008

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Yesterday was the launch of the ticket passes for the three-day 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. And not surprisingly, due to the overwhelming demand, there was strain and frustation over the ticketing system, either by online, phone or physical ticket booth. Essential information for prospective spectator.

A total of 70,000 tickets will be available in this first release. This will comprise 15,000 walkabout passes and 55,000 grandstand seats strategically located around
the circuit.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis and each customer will be allowed to purchase a maximum of eight tickets. This is to ensure that as wide an audience as possible gets to enjoy the inaugural Grand Prix as tickets are expected to be in high demand.

The tickets on sale range from S$168 for the General Walkabout tickets to S$248 for the Bay Grandstand, and S$1,388 for the Pit Grandstand.

Tickets and Passes can be purchased in the following ways:

1) Via the official website www.singaporegp.sg. The website also includes descriptions of all the Grandstand locations, pricing and a seating chart.

2) Via the dedicated ticket hotline on +65 6738 6738. The call centre is open from 1000 to 2000 hours Monday to Friday, and from Noon to 1800 hours on Weekends. For the 14 February 2008, only the call centre will open at 0900 hours.

3) Via OmniTicket Network, the exclusive ticket distributor for the 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. OmniTicket counters will be located at Forum Shopping Centre, Marina Square Shopping Centre, and Singapore Visitors Centre at Orchard Road. Please note that the OMNI ticket counters will only open from 1000 hours each day.

4) Via dedicated 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix sales counters at Singapore Post offices all over the island.
Anyone interested in getting the $298 baywatch seats?


What are the differences between Registered mail and Normal mail?

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Registered mail:

The sender is required to fill up a form of his/her name and particulars, and the recipient's particulars when he/she is sending out the item.

There will be a printed reciept issued, with a Tracking Number. You can use the Tracking Number to track the status of you item via www.singpost.com.

A postman will send the mail to your house. If you are not at home, a Delivery advice will be slipped under your door. You can then head down to the post office stated on the advice to collect your mail.

You will need to bring along your IC, or any other proof of identification.

Registered mail is about $2 or more expensive than normal mail, depending on the weight of the mail.

Normal mail:

The sender only needs to drop the mail into the mailbox. There will be no proof or reciept issued. You cannot track the item.

If the item is LOST, nobody will be responsible for it.

If the mail is thin enough to be slotted into your mailbox, it will be there.

If it is bulky, the postman will send it to your place. Some postmen are kind, they issue you a collection card, and then you can head down to the post office printed there to collect your mail. Some postmen leave the mail AT YOUR DOOR.

There are even complaints whereby the postman left a parcel on top of the mailbox.


Happy 23rd Birthday My Love

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Its 15 the Feb! Its Friday the 15! Its Feb the 15! Its Li Ling's birthday today! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Wendy Sim Li Ling, happy birthday to CHIU! Muackz X 23 :P

Was slightly late for work today but never mind she is Shou Xin Po today. Today was also the birthday of our Department Head. We have a department lunch at Zhou's Kitchen at Far East Square. Not really fantastic food but it was nice anyway. Had some champagne and red wine to go with the lunch too. We reached back office at 2.30pm and immediately have our team meeting at 3pm. All feel a bit restless due to the alcohol perhaps lol.

After work, I met up with Wendy and we went to the "Chun Dao He Pan". She saw it while on our way home yesterday and "pester" me to bring her go like a little girl wanting to eat ice-cream. So here we are. This is the first time I have been to this event after 23 years of living in Singapore. It just doesn't sounds appealing to me. There are lots of food ranging from snack to heavy meals. There are also some mini fun-fair for the kids.

All the food looks great and very appealing. Heres the list of food we ate.

1) 2 X Taiwan Salted Popcorn Chicken - $6
2) Sharks Fin Soup - $2.50
3) Curry Fishball - $2
4) Taiwan Sausage - $1
5) Sugar Cane Juice - $2
6) Mango Juice - $2

We also had our first portraits self-drawn by a Chinese from Shanghai. Not too bad but I find the price a bit too steep. Will upload the photo in my next post. (This is a good way to make readers come back to my blog don't you agree? :P)

We then continued our tour of River Hong Bao when we heard someone talking about F1 Car. And I remembered that the first ever F1 car to drive on Singapore Road is showcasing its move at Chingay. We quickly occupy one of the better positions beside the road anticipating for the Redbull F1 Car to burn some tyres. Managed to take a video of the car in action and believe me, the engine is DAMN LOUD.



Happy Valentine's Day

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Its Valentine's Day! Wendy's Prada alarm clock is not working again. I gave her a morning call at 7.45am and we went to work together on a Valentine's Day morning.

Reserved a bear with flowers yesterday and collected it during lunch time to give my Valentine this gift. Then we proceeded to the Japanese Restaurant for lunch. She managed to eat not once but twice a small portion of raw salmon! Congrats! I still cannot understand why people dislike raw salmon with wasabi, its too deliciousto say no don't you agree? :P

Can someone tell me whats so special about this beef?

After work, we went to our favourite cafe which is at Shaw House. Creation serves very nice pasta at affordable price. A set dinner comes with a drink, soup and bread, followed by the main course and end with a dessert. There was no drag down as all the 3 courses are simply nice!

Look at the queue!

Today also marks the end of the Mocca Love Notes challenge which Ah Fu Ge participated in. Unfortunately, he did not win the grand prize. But fortunately, he did win some prize and its the Consolation Prize B Winner. Hey the prize ain't too bad either. A pair of watches courtesy of ODM worth $338 and a $50 Fila Voucher. Congrats Ah Fu Ge! This sat BBQ on you :P