Post-Exams Day 16 to 20

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Went for a 5D4N Hong Kong trip with Bella and her family with the latter arriving on our Day 3 trip.

Early morning 6.40am flight at the "run-down" Terminal 1 (compared with T3)

Right: On the bus to hotel (Metropark Kowloon Hotel)

Hungry Bella with her bread after the starving Jetstar flight.

Our lunch at Tang Dynasty (Tang Chao at Tsim Sha Shui)

Arrival of Bella's family. As usual, all arrived with hungry stomach so we brought them to the super nice seafood store at Temple Street.

Left: Bella attempting to conquer the baby oyster (she don't eat oyster)
Right: Cheap and nice Blue Ribbon beer imported from USA

Super nice and cheap seafood dinner at Temple Street (find those that has the least number of foreigners but most number of locals)

Dinner at Hotel restaurant (overpriced food that is not worth showing)

Waiting for ferry to Macau

On the ferry to Marcus

Left: The casino we went
Right: Must-try Portuguese egg tart

My last night's 12am supper

Must try food at Dundas Street (Mongkok area)

Left: Bacon with hotdog
Right: Curry fish egg

Super nice cold noodle at Argyle Centre

You ain't go to Hong Kong if you did not try their Dim Sum.


Post-Exams Day 15

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Going Hong Kong tomorrow!


Post-Exams Day 14

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Met up with ex colleagues with lunch at Raffles City food court. Saw the famous Kian Hock on the way back.


Post-Exams Day 13

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Typical Sunday.

Morning soccer and dinner at Bella's house.


Post-Exams Day 12

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Saturday Brunch

Home-made pancake

After brunch, we head off to Bugis to get Bella's Her World Subscription done. I also got my ingredients from Cold Storage for dinner.

Saturday night dinner

Left: Appetizers (Pan-seared Scallops, prawn mixed with flour and parika, brussel sprouts )
Right: The usual suspect