Starhub Maxonline is so slow #(*^#($^#

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Starhub is really getting on my nerve. Its so terribly slow these couple of weeks. Its worse if my sister is using the desktop; took roughly 1min to finish loading few web site. My contract will be up in Dec. Hopefully they will improve on their network, if not I will be Singnet bound. Afterall, ADSL is fast for my youtube/pipiplayer/basically video streaming mad sister.

Anyway, Team FATA failed to do a 3 wins in a row when they succumbed under the mighty samba players. Check out the review here. Also, my post-marathon injury is still haunting me!!! ARGH!!


Euro 2008 Final: Spain 1 - 0 Germany

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First Half

Second Half



Getting a car?

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Gavin recently changed job and is now a car dealer/seller/trader or whatever you call it. Basically, you can buy car from him, period. Some of the cars he carry include Honda Swift, Honda Stream, Honda Type-R, Honda Airwave, Mitsubishi Evo X, Toyota Allion, Toyota Sienta, Toyota Axio, Toyota Rush, Toyota Estima, Honda Fit 08. I'm sure he would not mind giving little discount to fellow friends. You can email me if you need his contact. Cheers.


"F4+1 + another one" Steamboat buffet followed by drinking night

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Great Wednesday gathering after work, we had a steamboat buffet dinner at Bugis'"Xian De Lai" restaurant before proceeding to Ben's house for a drink + pool session.

Pre dinner poses

Left: The latecomer Gabin
Right: The ladies

End of dinner poses

Last few photos before leaving for Ben's house.

The boozes. Vodka mix with orange juice/cranberry/redbull. All taste nice except vodka lol

Yes, I'm the Champion of the inaugural F4 Pool Championship.

Left: The ladies
Right: The guys (Did I tell you that I was from martial arts school last time?)

Some cam whore with Roy's old school sunglass.

Right: Notice anything different?

Left: Great artistic work by Roy. Thumbs up.
Right: F4 rationz?

Left: Posing for a quick shot in the lift
Right: F4 budget MTV

Message to F4+1 + another one
P.S Bella is not able to take leave on the 1st of Aug 08. Looks like we can have 2 days of short relaxing trip instead. Lets try to source for a package where we are able to leave on Friday night and arrive back in Singapore in the late afternoon. Also, is Gavin gonna apply leave on Saturday and Sunday? (Ya thats very depressing because he is now a car dealer who only have 1 rest day per week. Nevertheless, anyone looking for car or know of someone intending to get one, please approach Gavin as he might be able to provide a good package for you folks.)


Euro 2008 Semi-Final: Germany 3 - 2 Turkey

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Fourth Singapore university should cap intake at 2,500, says study

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SINGAPORE: The next Singapore university should be a publicly-funded institution offering disciplines such as Design and Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Business and Information Technology, with an integrated approach centred on these disciplines. This was the recommendation made by the Committee on the Expansion of the University Sector in a preliminary report released on Tuesday. The committee also proposed that the fourth local university should set an annual intake of about 2,000–2,500 students and provide the bulk of the additional university places required to achieve the target 30 per cent cohort participation rate outlined by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the 2007 National Day Rally.



Sunsports Youth Team 1 - 3 Team FATA

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Team FATA won their 2nd game in a row. Check out the match report here.


Updated Starhub Promotions

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Updated the Starhub Promotions page. Check out those in red! Email me if you are interested in any of the promotions.


Euro 2008 Quarter Finals

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Spain 0 - 0 Italy (Spain won on penalty)

Online Videos by


Saturday's Food Fiesta

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Needed to submit the registration fee to UOL, I met Bella at Serangoon before making a trip down to SIM. Journey was long and we have to make a transit at Toa Payoh. Wendy slept throughout the journey, on my shoulder of course and listening to iPod. I brought along the book "Men, Women and Relationship" and managed to complete a good 2 chapters during the journey.

Reached SIM, submitted the documents and straight we head off to have our brunch at a restaurant nearby. Its the long-awaited "Zhi Bao Ji" (Chicken Wrapped in Paper) that Bella has been craving for. Ordered 18 "Zhi Bao Ji" and a plate of fried rice for 2. Total damaged was about $25.

Left: The starter, dunno what is it.
Right: The entrance to the heaven (For Bella)

Left: Wendy with her chicken!
Right: The "Zhi Bao Ji". Ya its not those whole chicken you imagined. Its just a small portion of the meat wrapped in small paper. Very oily too.

Left: The chicken
Right: All cleared. Apparently, everyone was putting the unwrapped paper into the big mental bowl at the top of the picture but we only realised till the end. Too bad.

Left: Yes, its finally finishing!! :P
Right: At the back of the restaurant. Resembles a kampong restaurant in the Malaysia.

Us: The satisfying looks

After the brunch, we walked under the hot sun to cross the road to take Bus 61 to Queensway. I needed to get back the deposits placed for Team FATA's Kappa jerseys because their next shipment is October instead. They are too eager to secure order as they called me saying the stocks were unavailable after I placed my order and deposits. Nevertheless, we will shall till October and decide if we want the jersey again. I also got a shinguard as I lost one of it, suspected culprit, a bird that made it dropped out of my kitchen window.

Wendy needed a new bed as her current one is failing; hurting her back. Hence; we walked over to Ikea to look see look see. We managed to hold back our mouth to the food in iKea this time round as I ate Katong Laksa at Queensway where Bella finished the whole bubble tea.

The beds that caught her eyes.

We finally called it a day (did we?) when we board bus 100, planning to head home for a rest cum sleep before waking up at 2.45am to catch the Euro 2008 match between Netherlands and Russia. Upon boarding the bus we were told that we should have taken bus 147 as bus 100 will takes quite a long time to reach Serangoon. However, we stayed on. When the bus finally reached Harbourfront MRT, I suggested to take NEL instead which could effectively cut more than 50% of the travelling time.

Hence, we alighted. But instead of walking towards the MRT station, we walked towards the food market as we have a craving for the nice Fried Hokkien Mee and Oyster Egg.

All time favorite local delights.

Left: The nice and unhealthy combination.
Right: The food crave Bella signaling her intention.

The early dinner was completed with a nice sugar cane juice downing our throat. What is perfect setup under the hot weather. Soon, we found ourselves bathed clean and resting at my home.

The food crave Bella with her after-dinner desert "Soya Dumpling" (Dou Hua Tang Yuan)

Our supper!

Bella could not tahan anymore and off she goes to bed while I watched the soccer match.

For her version of "Saturday Food Fiesta", please check out her blog here.