Weekend Food

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Another good weekend spent eating D.I.Y steamboat in 30min, super-hot home-made belachan chilli with rice (Yes just chilli and rice plus ice water) and authentic Heng Huat food!

Belachan chilli with rice (Added some Jap seaweed for Bella's portion)

Left: My Favorite "La-La"
Right: "Kun-neng"

Left: Lor Mee
Right: "Kailan Dao Kee"

Bella's favorite "Jia Qiu" (Prawn Ball)


Newcastle United 1 - 5 Liverpool

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First Half

Second Half


Karce Calculator

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After weeks of searching, I have finally found a calculator I like, thanks to Bella of course.

$9 at Best Denki


Christmas 2008

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One of the most important festive season for Bella is Christmas. On Christmas eve Tuesday, her company gave a half day off and hence she would be able to leave at noon. I met her at her workplace before bringing her for lunch to one of her most anticipated visit to Marriott Cafe at Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road (ok that was bad English).

It was only until we sit down at the Cafe then we know the Buffet lunch for that day was a whopping $90+ per head. Nevertheless, knowing that "Consumption" was a vital component of the country's GDP, coupled with the recent down mood for Bella, I still felt it was money well spent.

The Christmas decoration settings at Marriott Cafe at Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road

Left: My Starters
Right: Her Starters

Left: Herbal Chicken Soup
Right: Ham and Turkey special!

The seafood... taste ordinary

I think my photography skills for taking macro shots of food seems to be improving huh? Hows my photos for the oyster and dessert shots?

My Stars

Her Stars

Probably one of the most anticipated food among Marriott's buffet is their dessert corner

During our course of meals, Bella and I went to the washroom once (for obvious reason). We decided against going only after the buffet as the food would be wasted by then (typical Singaporeans thinking.. kiasu!! haha).

Overall, the food of course doesn't justify the price being paid! (For $200, we could have eaten 2 or 3 big Sri Lanka crab!) But like I said many times to Bella before, we wouldn't know until we try. Actually for the price of $40, I still think its not worth it cause the only food that interest me are the oyster and salmon which just taste normal.

After our brunch, we headed to Far East Plaza for some window shopping before heading home for rest and dinner.

Bella playing game

After a good nap with air-con and outside raining, I prepared our favorite Garlic Prawn Pasta (again). This time round there was a surprise entry of a Champagne!

A Champagne from France


Merry Christmas 2009

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Think twice before speeding

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A YOUNG man who drove his father's car which skidded and plunged into a ditch and hit a tree, killing two of his rear seat passengers and injuring a third, was fined a total of $10,500 on Monday.

Phua Jia Chee, 20, was also banned from driving for five years.

He had pleaded guilty earlier to causing the deaths of Nanyang Polytechnic students David Li Zhensen, 18, and Mervin Teo Chong Ming, 20, through his negligence at Old Thomson Road on Jan 29.

He also admitted to causing hurt to front seat passenger Tan Han Leng, 20, at about 11.40pm that day.

He was negotiating a bend when he caused the Mitsubishi Lancer to veer left and off the road proper, plunging into the ditch and hitting a tree.

David was extricated from the wreckage car and was pronounced dead about an hour later while Mervin died about two hours later in hospital.

Han Leng, also a Nanyang Polytechnic student, suffered minor bruises and cuts on his left palm and forearm and left ring finger. He was discharged from hospital two days later.

Two other charges of failing to ensure that his rear seat passengers were belted were taken into consideration.

Pleading for leniency, his lawyer, Mr Lim Tiang Yao, said the Republic Polytechnic graduate had been racked with distress and remorse over the loss of lives of his two close friends.

Phua, he said, deeply regretted the horrendous consequences that had arisen due to a momentary lapse of judgment which cause the car to veer off the road and hit a tree.

He said Phua was not speeding at the time, had learnt his lesson about the perils of negligence, and cooperated fully with the police.

An only child, Phua hoped to continue further studies after his national service, he said.

Phua could have been jailed for up to two years and fined for causing death. For causing hurt, the maximum penalty is a $500 fine and/or six months' jail.


Youngsters, teenagers around my age always have the tendency to floor the pedal or negotiate tight corners with speed; either to show off his skills with his friends on board or thinks that his/her driving style is above average. If you have been doing it due to the latter reason, do you know that 80% of drivers think that their driving style are above average? I think its quite obvious what I am trying to put across here. And on the other hand, if its due to the former reason, do you know what is the passenger's priority when travelling? Safety! By riding on your car, he/she is places her own safety in your hand (and foot). So the last thing you want to do is to endanger their lives!


Pictures that rather resemble Bella

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3rd YZPS Class 6F '97 Gathering

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Following the confirmation of the gathering, the 10 heros met up at Creation cafe (an hour late due to someone, you know I know can liao lol). The heros included the usual peeps with the exception of rare appearance in Serene and Gavin (Their 1st gathering with us I reckon).

Without much delay, we placed the order within minutes as this was the 2nd time we gathered at Creation for dinner.

Their simple main course menu (but its still a headache as to which to choose at times)

Left: Gavin and Jason's Seafood Alfredo
Right: Kelly's Carbonara

Left: Dave's Salmon Alfredo
Right: Elin, Jamie and Serene's Carbonara

Mine and Ren Feng's wisest choice: Seafood Marinara :P

Early pose before the dinner

The guys

As per norm after our dinner, we loitered around outside Shaw Tower for few minutes deciding our post-dinner activity. Finally we agreed to go somewhere nearer to our house (most of us live in the north-east) with the benefit of Gavin and Ren Feng's cars. We reached one of the bar at Upper Serangoon Road to chill out. What was disappointing was the loudness of the screening KTV which restricted our interaction severely hah.

Figuring out where are our seats during the Pri Sch Days

Due to the noise level at the bar, we did not have much fun as expected. We decided to go off at around 11.30pm with Gavin, Ren Feng and Serene leaving earlier. Dave and Samantha shared a cab home while Kelly, Elin, Jason and me walked home.

With the next gathering in mind (Courtesy of Jamie! haha), we ended our 3rd gathering with a nice walk home pondering if the "much talked but no action" mahjong session will finally be a reality during this coming Chinese New Year.