Forming a Sunday Soccer Team

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Is soccer your favorite hobby? Do you feel the itch after watching every BPL matches? Do you want to live your life regretting not playing enough soccer, especially competitive matches in your young days? If so, you have come to the right place. I am forming a field soccer team.

Objective of this team
- To have fun!
- To satisfy our hunger for some ball kicking
- To relax and enjoy the company of close soccer khaki playing week in week out
- To play in competitive matches (Friendlies and League in Future)
- To play together as a team till our body tell us to stop

- Has a passion for soccer
- High level of commitment for Sunday matches/kick about
- A friend of mine :)

Current Squad
  • William (1)
  • Kuah Wee Hian (27)
  • Sean Seah (17)
  • Jiang Zhen Hui (23)
  • Alan Chew (3)
  • Ryan Lai (9)
  • Jin Hao (13)
  • Augustus Low (28)
  • Joel Lau (22)
  • Galvin Chiam (11)
  • Ng Cong Jin (15)
  • Amos Goh (7)
  • Lim Kian Hock (12)
  • Jason Lin (19)
  • Ryan Chui (10)
  • Jeow Siong Wei (20)
  • Matthew Tan (8)
  • Kenneth Quek (5)
  • Collin Yeo (18)


Lin Zhi Xuan VS Yang Pei An VS Zhang Yu Sheng

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Two of Taiwan's guys with the highest pitch in the modern world. Exceptional vocals.

Lin Zhi Xuan

Yang Pei An

Can they be compared to Zhang Yu Sheng who had already left us? What you think?


Song for the weekend

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Highlights of the Singapore match against Lebanon

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First Half

Second Half

Dive after dive after dive after dive, enough is enough, kallang gets on his back.
Lebanon's Number 8, Khaled Hamieh gets booed since the 33rd minute till he got subbed out for rubbish passing and play.


Singapore beat Lebanon 2-0 in World Cup qualifier

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Extracted from Channelnewsasia.

SINGAPORE : Singapore beat Lebanon 2-0 in a crucial World Cup Asian Zone Group 4 qualifier at the National Stadium on Wednesday.

The Lions could have won by a wider margin but missed a number of scoring opportunities.

Singapore needed a win after having lost their first match against Saudi Arabia last month.

On Wednesday evening, Aleksandar Duric set them off on a winning note, scoring in the 8th minute.

Fazrul Nawaz made up for an earlier miss, scoring Singapore's second goal in the 22nd minute.

Singapore's keeper Lionel Lewis also did well within the posts, denying Lebanon three times from free-kicks.

Singapore continued to pile the pressure after the break, but could not make it count.

Unlike last Saturday's friendly match against Australia, Wednesday's game was played in fine weather conditions watched by an enthusiastic crowd.

The Lions played to a goalless draw against the Australians in last week's match.

Singapore's next match is against Uzbekistan on 2nd June also at the National Stadium. - CNA/ch


Updated Starhub Promotions

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Received an updated Starhub promotions list today.

Take a look here if you are interested.

Afraid to miss out any promotions in future? Subscribe to our feeds to have our daily posts delivered to you.


Funny Situation for Steven Gerrard

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SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon

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Registration for the commonly known as Army Half Marathon opened today. The race is on the 24th Aug, flag off time at 6.30am. Interested parties can sign up online from now till 30 Apr 08 to take advantage of the early bird fee at $25 and $20 for the public and Safra member respectively.

In addition, there is another full marathon by Adidas which is the adidas Sundown Marathon. Register anytime from now till 30 Mar 08 during their Special Period for a fee of $65. Yes, there is a meaning for it's Sundown title. Race starts late into the night and runners are expected to complete the race before 11am the next day in order to get the finisher goodie bag. Flag off times for the Ultra Marathon (84km) and Marathon (42km) are 9pm and 11.59pm respectively.

I have already registered for both events and might be going for another one which is the LionCity Marathon this coming June 29. Their registration is still pending. Will see how.

Anyway, I began my first preparation for the coming Sundown Marathon today with a slow and steady 2.4km jog with a timing of 15min 27sec, followed by some chin-ups. Been really a long time since I started a proper jogging. Looking forward to the next one this Wed. Of course, jogging alone is bored, thats why I have my Mystery MSN Friend to accompany me. He is training for his IPPT this coming June.

Lastly, if you have noticed, I have added a little information at the lower right column of my blog. Entitled "Road to Marathon", this little area shall be catered for the amount of distance I clocked before the real show begins.

Just for fun, below is the origin of the name Marathon extracted from Wikipedia.
The name marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek soldier, who was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the Senate, exclaiming "Νενικήκαμεν" (Nenikékamen, 'We have won') before collapsing and dying of heartattack.



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The below information is known to me via my mystery msn friend.

Extracted from Wikipedia.

The system has its share of problems. Road users pointed out that the implementation of an ERP gantry along any road simply moves the traffic somewhere else, potentially causing traffic bottlenecks along smaller roads. For example, the ERP gantry along the Central Expressway (CTE) has been said to have caused traffic to increase substantially in north-south trunk roads, such as along the Thomson Road and Serangoon Road corridors. The rising traffic prompted the LTA to add a gantry along Thomson Road, while Upper Serangoon Road's capacity was increased somewhat with the building of a new viaduct.
Great, "A" has congested traffic. They place gantry at "A". This results in increased traffic at "B". They place gantry at "B". They might as well increase COE by 10 times!


Industry sources say SingTel will launch iPhone in S'pore in Sep

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Extracted from Channelnewsasia.

SINGAPORE: Industry sources said Apple's iPhone will be launched in Singapore by SingTel this September, but the telco has neither confirmed nor denied this.

With its cool functions and design, the iPhone has got millions of American admirers hooked since its debut in June 2007.

Even before its official launch in Singapore, retailers estimated that gadget fans here have snapped up about 10,000 iPhones through different avenues, with some paying over S$1,000 to be the first in Singapore to own the device.

More people will soon be able to get their hands on the iPhone as a local vendor, who works closely with Apple associates in the US, revealed that "SingTel has more or less sealed the deal". The vendor refused to be named.

Observers said such a deal is consistent with Apple's track record of working with top mobile operators.

They said, however, it is unlikely SingTel will agree on a revenue-sharing model with Apple on phone sales, as it is currently done in Europe and the US.

Aloysius Choong, research manager for IDC Asia/Pacific, said: "We've heard an Apple executive coming out to say that they don't necessarily need to go with that model. So it could be, and it will be in the long term, (going) back to a more familiar relationship where you distribute through the operators, you get a subsidy through the operators."

The iPhone that is making its way in Singapore is likely to be the latest model.

Zachary Wong, retail operations manager of iShop, said: "You never expect what Apple is able to pull out. The 3G model could be in Singapore as well. 3G is the industry platform for this part of the world, so I say the demand for the newer model of the phone will be much, much higher."

Retailers expect the phone to be priced around S$690.

Industry players said there will be no shortage of takers.

"When it first started in late June 2007, the demand was extremely high. It tampered down a little bit but demand is still very strong," said Mr Wong.

Mr Choong agreed: "Consumers are looking for... design and brand. And these two are really what the iPhone has in place. And not just that, one great thing about the iPhone is that it goes beyond the usual business of tech early adopters."

"I think you're going to see demand coming from various segments, from the business users to the moms and pops," he added.

Apple has said it plans to sell 10 million units of iPhone in Asia this year. - CNA
How about Starhub or M1? Are we going to see another monopoly here? (Resembling US's AT&T)


Re: Can we do away with street name when writing a letter?

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I did a little experiment in my previous post here if we can do away with the street name when mailing out a letter in Singapore.

I mailed out the letter on 19 Mar 08. Yesterday night, I received the same letter in my mailbox. Conclusion, it works.

For landed property address, you can just address the letter to the name of the addressee and the postal code. For HDB address, do not forget to write the house number.

Disclaimer: This is an orthodox way to testing the system. I would still suggest that you write out the full address when you are mailing out your important letter. Anyway, whats so difficult with writing few more words on the letter? lol


Can we do away with street name when writing a letter?

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Singapore was originally divided into 28 postal districts in 1950, with a number being allocated to each district, for example, the Orchard Road area was in District 9.

277 Orchard Road
Singapore 9

This was superseded by a new four-digit system in 1979, with the last two digits representing a sector in each district. There were in total 81 sectors.

277 Orchard Road
Singapore 0923

In 1995, this was replaced by a six-digit system, in which every building was given its unique postcode, the first two digits of which represented the old sector.

277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Now, usually when we mail out a letter we would write the address as such.

MoonHub Corporate Service Department
Hubbing Building
Ayer Rajah
I came across a blog that Singapore Post is so "advance" that it still manages to send the letter to the correct addressee if your address is as such.

MoonHub Corporate Service Department
Effectively eliminating the street name as it has the postal code.

I have decided to do a little experiment. This time round, with a HDB address, I will be mailing a letter to myself.

Collin Yeo
I will mail out the letter on 19 Mar 08 which is tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Cold Snap in Singapore

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In one of my previous post here, I mentioned about the suddenly decreased in temperature for one of the night, 13 Mar 08 Thursday to be precise. And amazingly, the temperature for that night measured was an astonishingly 22 degrees celsius, 1 notch lower than predicted.

Extracted from The Straits Times.
TALK about a chill in the air.

Thermostats here are being turned up as Singaporeans throw on sweaters and jackets to beat the 'coldest' March in 74 years: The average temperature so far this month is 25.6 deg C, a tick higher than the 25 deg C in 1934.

Singapore dipped to its coldest of 19.4 deg C on Jan 30, 1934.

On Thursday night, the mercury dipped to 21.8 deg C - about the average day-time temperature in wintry Hong Kong.

The 'cold snap' has resulted in some things one does not typically see - or hear - in Singapore. Children bundled up like Eskimos and office workers coming to work in woollies.

But Solutions architect Sivaram Shunmugam, 29, likes it cool.

'Normally it is hot, humid and uncomfortable. Not now. Finally, a temperature I can live with!' he said.

Neither is Colin Wan, 34, complaining.

'It's like a regular English day. I get to wear winter clothes like my jumpers and cardigans that I thought I would never need in Singapore,' said the advertising executive from Britain who has been living here for five years.

The cool spell stems from the prolonged heavy rain and dense cloud, said Associate Professor Matthias Roth of the National University of Singapore's Department of Geography.

'It's more difficult for sunlight to penetrate the thick cloud cover - so the ground cools after a few days,' he explained.

The freakishly wet weather is due to a strong La Nina effect, explained Dr Roth. Caused by a cycle of cooling air over the Pacific Ocean, the weather phenomenon usually results in cooler, wetter weather.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) says next week will continue to be wet, with moist winds blowing in from the ocean.


Bad Weekend

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It has been a pretty bad weekend for me, physically. The damage my body suffered previously had not been eased and it had gone from bad to worse.

I thought it was just indigestion of food from the dinner I had with F4+1 the other day. The Volcano Ramen at Ajisen.

Soon, I began finding myself going to the loo for 4 times, 5 times, 6 times. As at 16 Mar 08 1600hrs, I went visited the loo for 11 times, no prize for guessing correctly the reason. My stomach feels bloated with air inside and yesterday night it "jiao" pretty bad inside.

Tomorrow is Monday, hopefully it will not adds to my Monday Blues woes.

Anyway, my Bella also lang bo no seh today, suffering from stomach cramp. Lets recover fast together! :)


F4+1 Dinner at Chomp Chomp

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Roy, Ben, Gavin, Wendy and I met up for dinner at Chomp Chomp (One of the must-go places in Serangoon). Unfortunately, the quality of the seafood store's food that we usually patron has dropped drastically. I shall not mention the store here. Unknowingly, all the food I ordered from the seafood store are spicy dishes and I forgot our dear Roy cannot really take spicy stuff (stingray, sotong, kang kong and "lala). He was choke on the spice mid-way through (Paisey Roy Ten :P). We also ordered two big sugar cane drink, carrot cake and oyster omelet. Damage done was $48 for six people.
Ben with his cute oversize red cap

After the dinner, we walked round Serangoon Gardens before settling down to discuss our Hong Kong overseas trip at Coffee Bean. Ben brought his notebook along to check for the various flight and hotel prices. We might be staying over at Ben's cousin house in Hong Kong. But plans are still undergoing. Lets wait and see.

After some drinks and cake, we went to Ben house to relax and play some pool. Oh did I mention that Ben has got a pool table in his house? Cool right? Check out some of the cool photos we took in his house.

Seems that I am the only one who mentioned to timed the camera's built in timer correctly. If only I could time the financial market as accurately.

*Unfortunately, as at 16 Mar 08, the overseas trip has been canceled due to pull-out from one of the members. Nevertheless, there will surely be another opportunity next time round. Anyway, Hong Kong has been infiltrated with the bird flu disease recently, so I guess it's just fate that we won't have the first ever F4 overseas trip this time round.


Global Climate Change

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Are u feeling the effect of global climate change? Raining theses couple of days has made the temperature drop few degrees celsius in Singapore.

In addition to the cold weather, my work desk temperature was lowered with the directly blowing of aircon onto me. This resulted in the sudden headache for the whole afternoon. Soon, the effect traveled towards my stomach as i felt uncomfortable, the feeling of bloated stomach to be precise. Nevertheless, I managed to overcome it with honour and glory.

It was 6.30pm and I hurried down and out of the office tower for some fresh air and warmer temperature. Unfortunately, it was dark and drizzling outside. When the cold wind blows, I can felt a sudden gush of coldness that traveled through my nerve, slowly but deadly (ok this is exaggerated on purpose).

While I was waiting for Bella to come, I saw a man wearing thick coat and at an instance I thought I was at New York Exchange (NYSE). Just imagine the scene. People were seen rushing home after the exchange had closed minutes ago, thick coat were all over their body to keep themselves warm in the cold season, sun had set and traffic were filled with lighted cars. Cool eh? I am suspecting the temperature to be hovering around 23 degrees according to my in-built thermometer in my sophisticated and complex human body.

Now, back to topic proper. What is Global Climate Change? In layman term, it is just the changing of global temperature, be it rising or decreasing. Why is it important? Another round of imagination. Simple analysis using a bottom-up approach. What would happen to crops and animals with the increased in temperature? They will die of course. And the aftermath? Severely lacking of commodities and food supply which will affect the economy world wide. The consequence might be worse than expected.


Japan investigates after iPod nano overheats, sparks

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Extracted from

TOKYO - An iPod nano in Japan overheated and discharged sparks, the Japanese industry ministry said Tuesday in a list of recent serious incidents involving consumer products.

"The battery part of the product overheated while being charged and sparked," the ministry said, adding it was investigating the January 8 incident.

Makers Apple in Japan could not be reached immediately.

The company has publicly warned that iPod, iPod nano or iPod shuffle may generate excess heat while being charged in certain carry cases.


Baby Contest

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Recently, my department has a mini contest just for fun. All of us have to submit a baby photo of ourselves. Each of us will have to guess correctly who is who and the top 3 will have a prize. Another prize will also be given to the cutest baby. I did not win the top 3 but my baby photo won the cutest baby category. Can you guess which one is me? :)


Saturday outing

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Went to Queensway's Ikea for breakfast with Wendy on Saturday. Or rather brunch because we reached there at around 1pm. No, Ikea does not have that fantastic food thats able to attract us to go all the way to Queensway for breakfast. The plan was to go Anchorpoint's G2000 outlet to get some shirt for office wear and shop for some leather shoe at Pedro (up to 50% sales).

As usual, a Saturday morning will see many families going to Ikea for some shopping followed by their Swedish breakfast. We ordered 4 chicken wings, 1 spaghetti and 1 chicken chop rice (new dish). Ikea, being a home furniture business actually able to produce such nice food in its chicken wings and meatball. Applause for them.

I have to say their new chicken chop rice really taste nice and affordable. Its only $5.50, same as the spaghetti which taste crap to me.

Their chicken wing is a must try.

No, the above is not from Ikea. Its our home-made dinner, Wendy's favorite "Len-Mian" prepared by me.


US loses 63,000 jobs in Feb as economic woes deepen

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Extracted from Channelnewsasia.

WASHINGTON : A stumbling US economy lost 63,000 jobs in February, according to a shockingly weak report released Friday as the top White House economic adviser warned the economy could shrink.

The Federal Reserve took fresh steps to pump liquidity into the stressed banking system, making up to 200 billion dollars available to fight a credit crunch related to the most severe housing slump in decades.

The Labour Department report showed the second straight month of losses in nonfarm payrolls, seen as one of the best indicators of economic momentum.

Revised data showed a loss of 22,000 positions in January, compared with a prior estimate of 17,000.

February's loss was the biggest since March 2003, at the start of the war in Iraq, and a major disappointment for analysts expecting a gain of 25,000 jobs. "The payrolls report had recession written all over it," said Avery Shenfeld, senior economist at CIBC World Markets.
Expect STI to drop more than 3% on Monday. For the shorters and contra players, I wish you all the best on Monday, please don't get burnt as market is still unpredictable and any good news will push the direction northwards. For the value investors, I understand your pain if you had bought some shares last few weeks. We need to understand that its not possible to predict the lowest. As long as you has substantial reasoning to support your buying, just go ahead with it. Remember, value investors hardly react to market noise in the short term. Happy investing.


Good Friday

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The end of another tiring week and its weekend again! I think its kinda unhealthy to keep looking forward to next weekend because this also signify that our life is approaching the end. Sorry for the pessimistic mindset. Anyway, I am glad to sum up this weekday with a super good Friday today. In fact, it even has the honor to be in my dean's list competing for the top Friday award. No joke.

Alarmed rang at 7.45am as usual. Another day of work without Li Ling traveling to Raffles Place with me. I thought I was gonna be late but surprisingly I still managed to reach office on time. Just when I was about to settle down, an unfamiliar number appeared on my mobile phone.

I was stunned for a cool 2 seconds before I confirmed I was called by the 88.3fm DJs! Still in a shell shock state, they clarify the whole picture that earlier on Wendy had sent an sms to participate in their quiz. And fortunately, her sms was chosen. They went on to explain the rules to me and Wendy on the other side of the conference call. Basically, each of us need to answer a question correctly in order to win the prize. One question was regarding Europe while the other was related to soccer. Of course I chose the latter. There was no prisoner's dilemma game shit here because Wendy was vulnerable to both questions.

The first question was about the state in Europe in which Arnold was originated from. Not too sure about the question asked as I was busy telling my colleagues to tune in to 88.3fm only to realise later on that it was not live. Anyway, Wendy's first attempt was incorrect but she did not answer it officially yet. Then later on they gave a bit of hint and she managed to answer the question correctly! huuray! Next, it was my turn.

"Alright Collin, heres your question. In Euro 1996, there were 16 countries participating in it. Which of the following three countries are not one of them? a. Croatia b. Switzerland c. Ireland". It stunned me a while before realizing that I could not ask any of my colleagues because they are not soccer literate! I thought of googling for it but afraid there will not be enough time. Finally, I have decided to analyse the answer by using elimination method. Croatia and Switzerland are better than Ireland in terms of football ranking and ability. Hence, I chose c. Ireland! And I got it! woohooo. Anyway I was kind of confused as there are Northern Ireland and Republic Ireland and their footballing ability is quite significant with the latter being more formidable compared to the former. But heck, I still guessed it right!

Ireland (Irish: Éire, pronounced [ˈeːrʲə]) is a country in north-western Europe. The modern sovereign state occupies five-sixths of the island of Ireland, which was partitioned in 1921. It is bordered by Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) to the north, by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and by the Irish Sea to the east. Legally, the term Republic of Ireland (Irish: Poblacht na hÉireann) is the description of the State but Ireland is its name.[2]

So, you must be wondering what is the prize for this simple and short quiz right? Now, hold on to your chair if you are sitting down, hold on to your bed if you are lying down. Its an opportunity for two to go on a trip to Switzerland to catch one of the Euro 2008 matches!!!! However, it is not guaranteed yet. We were told that we need to go for a draw in one of the days during May where we will be given 4 chance to draw for the grand prize! Alright, still better than nothing. Stay tuned at this blog if you want to know our draw results.

Still feeling excited after the phone was hang, I went around telling some of my colleagues. Soon, it was lunch time. I went to lunch with my colleague who is also my Army friend known from OCS. He brought me to a place which I have not figured out the road name yet. Browsing through their menu, they serve really quality food at a smaller portion. Examples are Stingray with egg and rice (really those quality stingray you see outside selling), the usual sweet and sour pork/fish, mussel, chicken cube etc. I ordered a Stingray with Mussel and rice which cost $6.90. It was really good especially the mussel, one of the best I have ate.

It was a nice Friday afternoon. Even with the sun out, the weather was cool. Knowing that there was a small football game at the open area in front of Chevron House, my colleague and I decided to give the game a try after our lunch. I saw the event during yesterday's lunchtime with Wendy. But due to the drizzling weather and my shoe yesterday, I did not try it as I was afraid of falling down. Imagine falling down in your office wear attire with more than thirty people looking and hundreds other walking by. However, I dressed down today and the weather was good, so I decided to give it a try. Essentially, one is given 2 chance to kick a soccer ball into one of the 6 holes that are attached vertically with the hole facing him/her. Of course the harder ones are those at the top and the prize for them are some music mp3 player. Ya, I managed to "score" one of the lower holes and won a Coke Cola sling bag. I would consider bringing it out only if I have found ways to hide the big and easy to identify logo in front.

The time ticked to 6.40pm and I declared it was the end of another tiring week and a greetings to another precious weekend. I met Wendy downstairs and we agreed that today's weather was really superb. We then took the train to Cityhall to have our dinner at New York New York. She ordered a Penne with Roast Chicken pasta while I ordered the Mushroom and Bacon Aglio Olio. Surprisingly, my serving was larger than norm. Great, I am famished after a day's work.

After the nice and satisfying dinner, we walked around and saw that MPH is having a 20% sales storewide and decided to go in and take a look. As usual, I head towards the finance and investment area. But I have no idea where my GF is! Its either at some wine books section or personal beauty section hah.

There was really a great crowd as most are heading to IT Show at Suntec. We decided to head back home instead. We then stopped by Esplanade and take a seat to watch some performance by a band. They are a band which consist of Singaporeans, Indonesian and Filipino. The singer is a Singaporean and she definitely got a great voice, professional singer standard.

Good lunch, good dinner, good weather, won a small prize, won 4 chances for a super super grand prize. What day can be better?


25th month anniversary to us!

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Yesterday was the twenty-fifth month we been together. Thinking out of the box, we decided to take a short bus trip to Shaw Tower to have our lunch at our favorite pasta restaurant Creation! Now, if you have been one of my loyal readers, you would have heard of this famous restauarant mentioned here several times. Have you been there yet? What is it like? Thankfully, I have taken some picture of the restaurant with my new mobile phone.

I bought a black Sony Ericsson K800i from Siong Wei at a decent price of SGD$100 with 1GB memory card. His reason for selling shall not be disclosed here. Don't attempt to ask him, it won't work. This is my third phone I bought since I was thirteen years old. My first mobile phone cost a bomb. Its a Nokia 8210 which cost me SGD$500. The good thing is I managed to use it for a good 8 years until my NS. After which I bought a Sony Ericsson K700i at a cool SGD$98 after SGD$100 rebate from Starhub. So in total, I spent about SGD$700 on mobile handsets for the past 10 years. Seems a decent price to pay eh?

Back to topic. This time round, I decided to order a different pasta which I normally would order (Seafood Marinara). I ordered the Seafood Aglio with Wendy following suit (Copycat!). It taste..... normal. I just can't get enough of Seafood Marinara, I shall order back this on my next trip! This was the first time we went to the restaurant during lunchtime. Their dinner set cost SGD$15.20 with the soup+bread, main course, dessert and a drink. Their lunch set was $11.20 less the dessert. After our hearty lunch, we took a bus back to Raffles Place before going back to work.

After a hard day at work, we went to Harbourfront to collect Wendy's Prada phone. It seems to be working fine... so far (fingers crossed). Then we went to Kovan to meet up with my family for fishhead steamboat dinner. Nice fulfilling dinner. We decided to call it a day and went back home in a cab.

Been some time since I last saw this ticket.

Oh ya, did I mention that Wendy and her friend saw someone resembling Mas Selemat at Raffles Place that morning? They mentioned that he had his hair and moustage cut, left with a little goatie. Her friend decided to call the police during lunchtime. Saw some police vehicles and SOC drove around but unfortunately no news was heard after that. Lets hope that he will be caught soon.

Disclaimer: It might or might not be him. Just remember that he will have the intention to have his appearance changed.


Warren Buffett topples Bill Gates as world's richest

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Extracted from Channelnewsasia.

NEW YORK - US financier Warren Buffett has overtaken Bill Gates as the world's richest man, according to Forbes annual billionaire's list, which this year saw Russia, China and India making increasing inroads.

Buffett, the 77-year-old chief of the Berkshire Hathaway holding company, saw his wealth jump from 52 billion dollars last year to 62 billion, pushing Microsoft co-founder Gates into third position after 13 years at the top.



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As promised in my previous post here, please refer to my first self-drawn portrait in my life. Do comments :)