Birthday brunch

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Had a family brunch at Tong Luk Seafood for their Dim Sum + Seafood buffet

Left: Some kong bao chicken (not nice)
Right: chee cheong fun (nice!)

Left: Har Gao (average)
Right: Siew Mai (average)

Left: Honey sauce prawn (Nice!)
Right: Butter Oat prawn (average)

Left: Char Siew Bao (never eat)
Right: Beancurd skin with prawn (nice)

Left: Gu Lao Rou (not nice)
Right: Eeeee Fu Mian (average)

Left: Steamed rib (nice)
Right: Salmon Sashimi (yes its included in the buffet! Average though)

Left: Chrysanthemum jelly (nice)
Right: Chicken meat and char siew (average)

Left: Food galore! All for 4 people, we couldn't finish.

Overall, the dim sum is average and the seafood is average. However, now that we know the dishes to avoid and aim for, we would definitely make another trip in the future.


Birthday eve lunch and dinner

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Lunch: Bee Hoon with CP Wanton

Left: Bella and me
Right: Bella and me

Our steamboat ingredients
Birthday bonus ingredient (bottom right): Pork shabu shabu $10

Clock struck midnight twelve and out come my Swensen ice cream cake
Don't bother to count, there are 7 candles; 1 big, 6 small

Thank you Bella for the cake :)

Stay tune for my Birthday brunch and dinner.


Shrimp & Scallop Scampi Fettuccine

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You got to love this Chef!


The Great Firewall Of China

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Something that is worth knowing about China.


Random Picture

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Threw a die that shows a 1. And this picture's file name happens to start with the number 1 so I uploaded this picture.

I was just kidding. I deliberately uploaded this picture and the above statement is just to educate those who are still using the word "random" happily in facebook photos.



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Q: Why soldiers are never good economists?
A: The latter make assumptions to simplify the complex world into workable models while the former kana *toot* when making one.


Hows this for exams question?

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We are back!

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Something pondered upon me while I was plucking hair one fine night. If given a Manchester or Liverpool jersey for free, will I wear it? I thought it through with sense and rationality (I'm not a irrational fan!) before concluding I would look awful in them. Just imagine me......wearing a Manchester United jersey. Yuks!!

Cut me and I bleed black and white and I would pay to have a Newcastle jersey rather than receiving Liverpool, Manchester, Chelsea, Arsenal jerseys etc for free! Yes I am irrational after all but then, which die hard fan isn't?

Illustration of irrationality
Case 1: Newcastle lost the match due to controversial referee decision.
Newcastle Fan: Damn, we could have won the match if not for poor refereeing, UNFAIR!

Case 2: Newcastle won the match due to controversial referee decision.
Newcastle Fan: Well, this is football, you gain some you lose some, its fair. (i.e. We won the match and we don't care how we win it as long as we win)


wow Beer Appreciation

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Economics: An Art or Science?

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