How to Eat a Chicken Wing

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Amazing! haha


4th publicly funded varsity to focus on design & technology - October 30, 2009

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4th publicly funded varsity to focus on design & technology - October 30, 2009

(SINGAPORE) Singapore's fourth publicly funded university has officially been named the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SU).

Prof Magnanti: Looking forward to helping SU become the top institution for technology and design in the world over the next 10 to 20 years

Also unveiled yesterday was its founding president, Thomas Magnanti, an institute professor and former dean of the engineering school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. He has been with the Boston-based institution for the past 37 years.

Prof Magnanti began work here at the start of October and will be on leave from MIT throughout his three-year appointment to devote his time fully to leading SU.

MIT is one of the new university's two foreign partners, and the Ministry of Education said yesterday that it expects to announce the other - a top Chinese university - by the end of the year.

The chairman of SU's new board of trustees, Philip Ng, told reporters that he was delighted to have Prof Magnanti at the helm as his knowledge and experience would be crucial in building a strong relationship between SU and MIT.

SU is on track to accept its first intake of 500 students in 2011, before eventually growing to reach an annual intake of about 2,500. It will operate from an as-yet-undisclosed temporary campus for about four years before moving to a permanent home on Upper Changi Road East, next to the Changi Business Park, by 2015.

Students will get to pick from four programmes leading to separate degrees. These are Architecture and Sustainable Design, Engineering Product Design, Engineering Systems and System Design, and Information Engineering and Design. All undergraduates will also have to take up a foundation programme in mathematics, sciences and the humanities in their freshmen year.

Said Mr Ng, who is also chief executive of Far East Organization: 'There is a lot of regional demand for the MIT links that we have, a modified type of MIT education, if you will. What we hope to do is to produce logically and technically trained leaders of the future.'

Prof Magnanti is no stranger to Singapore, having had a long association dating back to the mid-1980s. He was a contributing faculty member and then-member of the governing board of the Singapore-MIT Alliance, and later as the director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.

Having travelled in and out of the Republic frequently over the last decade, Prof Magnanti said that he has a strong connection here and was looking forward to helping SU become the top institution for technology and design in the world over the next 10 to 20 years.

'The creation of SU is as exciting as it is ambitious,' said the American. 'Through its distinctive education and research and focus on technology-grounded leadership, it will be well-poised to serve Singapore, the region and the world.'

Prof Magnanti earned his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Syracuse University, and master's degrees in statistics and mathematics, as well as a PhD in operations research, all from Stamford University.



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I am so going to take a break today.

Going to Serangoon Gardens to eat Kway Chap with Bella. Shes into Kway Chap lately. And no, before this was another food, and before that food was another food. Namely, her taste for food never stop, just keep changing from one to another. rahhh

After brunch, we are going to find a mouse for her notebook and photo frame. Perhaps we should wait till Sitex 09 where she will be buying a new notebook to replace her 5 years Fujitsu. Can bargain for a mouse.

Its been more than 2 months where we last dine out together for dinner. Gonna bring her go Junction 8 for a nice pasta dinner. She missed my pasta!

Its also been more than 2 months where I last bring her to a movie. And tonight just coincidentally, a new Hong Kong show came out and also coincidentally, the show is about the new game I taught her this year. Texas Holdem! The show is Poker King.

My poly friends, who siao about Texas last time, might be interested too! Right? Gavin? Jit? This gang of friends of mine turned from Pool siao, to Texas Holdem siao and now to Tennis siao. They bought cue stick, bought poker chips and now bought tennis racket. Really is play hard.

I have not told her of the dinner and movie yet. All these surprises mean a lot to her and to me. Not only it perks up our dull relationship in months (due to my busyness), it also excite me because I love to see her surprised and happy reaction =D


Mental Torture

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Your body is tired after a long day of study/work, you lie on your bed trying to fall asleep as soon as possible to replenish the energy lost. Your mind keep thinking if you can fall asleep now, I want to sleep now, please let me sleep now.

You end up going into sleep 2 hours later. Apparently, you stayed awake worrying about keeping awake.


Cheerleader Gets A Flu Shot & Now She Can Only Walk Backwards or Run!

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Flash Mob at Raffles Place 23.10.09

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Can I have a neighbor like him?

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How can starhub be so slow??? I can't even watch a 300kbps streaming!!!!!!


Starhub Maxonline is so slow #(*^#($^#

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Watching a buffering non-stop soccer match makes my blood boil especially when the match involve Newcastle! argh


Free honeymoons

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KUALA LUMPUR - A MALAYSIAN state is offering free second honeymoons for couples on the brink of divorce, hoping that romantic getaways will help rekindle their marriages, an official said Monday.

Under the ambitious plan, feuding couples will spend three days and two nights on one of the tropical islands off Terengganu state, said government official Ashaari Idris.

'Newly-wed couples are facing numerous problems. Among them are financial issues and problems related to their in-laws,' said Mr Ashaari, the state's welfare, community development and women affairs committee chairman.

'Before marriage, all was good. But after marriage, some are unable to cope with the new challenges,' he told AFP.

'I want to strengthen family ties. If a marriage breaks down, it will hurt the children and it will have serious implications on society.' Couples will have to make an application and then undergo an interview before being accepted for the package which is worth an estimated RM1,500 (S$615).

Mr Ashaari said the state had already carried out a successful pilot project involving some 25 couples who faced marital woes. He said that divorce rates in the Muslim-majority north-eastern state were among the lowest in the country. -- AFP



Save paper by going green!

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IN Singapore, more than 600 million pages of bills and envelopes are sent out to households, costing billing companies more than $50 million annually.

As expected, these usually end up in the waste bin or thrown into a pile of already-viewed bills. Studies show that only 5 per cent of Singaporeans have switched to checking their bills electronically. The rest receive their bills the conventional way by post.

However, with the public growing more tech-savvy and environmentally conscious, this trend may change soon.

For years, organisations have been grappling with the cost of sending paper bills to their customers, especially for those who bill on a regular basis such as telcos, utility companies and banks.

While each paper bill's cost ranges from 70 cents to $2.65, the total runs into millions spent each year after factoring in the cost of paper, printing, postage, equipment and labour.

Because of this, some companies have introduced online portals, allowing users to assess bills electronically. Unfortunately, the rate of adoption by the Singapore public has been low, which is surprising considering more than 80 per cent use the Internet for day-to-day transactions.

Why is this so? Firstly, each company has its own online portal, which customers must log in to retrieve their bill information. As most households receive at least five to 10 bills a month, it takes considerable time and patience to log into different portals, and remember separate login IDs and passwords, especially when the billing cycles are different.

Another factor is human nature. It is always difficult to convince people to change from what they are comfortable with, especially when the existing system remains in place. Furthermore, companies do not actively encourage their customers to opt out of receiving paper bills.

What many do not realise is the potential of deploying such a system. Even if just a fifth of Internet users were to view their bills electronically, this would translate to saving 134 million pages and 16,000 trees annually. As paper bills are widely used not only in B2C business segments but also in B2B markets, online portals have the potential of reaching out and catering to the needs of these segments.

Seeing the commercial potential and societal benefits of electronic bills, one start-up company is developing a solution to solve these problems. Supported by NUS Enterprise, GreenBills Pte Ltd has built a common platform, which aggregates bills from different companies.

Called GreenPost, this platform allows users to view their bills through a single online portal. It aggregates bills from M1, SingTel, StarHub and Singapore Power. GreenBills is also developing a 'paper opt out' mechanism, so users can choose the environmentally friendly option of saving paper once they are comfortable with viewing bills online. Other benefits of the portal include email alerts for new bills or overdue payments, downloadable PDF-version bills and unlimited archival of bills.



Portable Speaker

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Ash tray anyone?

The compact, portable Orbit M speaker system is an ideal way to share your MP3, CD player, music-enabled phone* or laptop tunes anytime, anywhere. Slip it out of your pocket or purse for an instant audio broadcast. Just plug and play, the incredible full-bodied, 360-degree sound will amaze your friends with its clarity and range. At the park, at a party, or just at your desk, it is a great companion for your favorite music device when you want a break from headphone wires or share your tunes with friends. And, with its long battery life, the music keeps playing long into the night.
  • Incredible volume and clarity
    Clear, distortion-free sound

  • 360-degree sound field
    Projects impressive sound in all directions.

  • Total Connectivity
    Easily connects to portable CD players, MP3 players, music-enabled phones*, laptops and other audio devices, including iPod and iPhone.

  • Rugged design
    Handles whatever your mobile lifestyle dishes out.

  • Long battery life
    Plays for up to 24 hours on 3 AAA batteries.



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SUPER FUNNY especially the last part HAHAHA


Bloggers must reveal freebies

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SAN FRANCISCO - US FEDERAL Trade Commission guideline updates approved Monday require bloggers to reveal freebies or pay related to online commentary or face hefty fines.

FTC officials addressed online reviews by bloggers in the first revisions to Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising since 1980.

'The post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement,' FTC Secretary Donald Clark said in an 81-page notice of revised guidelines.

'Thus, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service.' The FTC listed examples to clarify how 'material connections' that can include payments or free products must be disclosed by bloggers or 'other word-of-mouth marketers' that endorse products.

'The revised Guides specify that while decisions will be reached on a case-by-case basis, the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement,' Clark wrote.

Fines for violators of the rules can reportedly be as much as US$11,000 (S$15,620). -- AFP


Not gonna affect me much as i don't have much advertisements :(



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Been quite some time since I last posted about technology stuff ever since I left this field (of studying). Anyway, my source of this technology news came from the unexpected The Business Times lol.

Creative has launched Singapore's first wireless speakers system using bluetooth. Called Creative Inspire S2, it allows notebook, phone etc to play music via a bluetooth connection to the system. How cool is that? Dump the cables!