Need a house mover?

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Posting on behalf of my friend.

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Hiap Chuan Movers is an all rounded house mover that provides multiple services like house/office relocation, Exhibition/Event moves,Contract monthly services etc! And be pampered by their complimentaries of NO GST, FREE CARTON BOXES & FREE DISMANTLING AND ASSEMBLING!!!

Hello dear friends and buddies,

My boyfriend, Edwin had set up a mover's business.

I'm showing him some support by emailing you guys his contact & info.

Please kindly recommend if you know of anyone who needs moving or transport services.

I had great feedback from friends who engaged his moving services.

Kindly help me by forwarding this email to any of your friends who is planning to move house / office or need any relocation services.

Do call or email him for an no obligation quotation:


8, Sungei Kadut Street 5
Singapore 728955

Hp: 9649 6310
Fax: 6285 1703

Please see attached flyer for more info and contacts.

Thank you.


Merry Christmas 2009

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So, how did you spend your Christmas eve? Heres mine.

Woke up at 11am and waited till 4pm literally. Reason? Waiting for the sun to come out so that I can go swimming and sun-tanning. But the stubborn sun was just not intending to appear on a chill Christmas eve.

Bella came over in the evening to "deposit" her bag at my house so that we can go out straight away tomorrow morning. Venue? Kranji Farm Resort! Shall post the photos after the trip. And then off she goes again to meet up with Xiao Wan and Lifang for Christmas buffet dinner at Swiss Hotel. ($98++ per nose)

At around 8.30pm, I went for a 30min jog before meeting my Mystery MSN friend for another 15min jog. We settled our dinner at the nearby zhi char. By the time we finished it was around 10.30pm. We ended our Christmas eve with some snack bought from the Pasar Marlem below my house.

And thats the end of my gay Christmas eve gathering. Stay tuned for our trip to Kranji Farm Resort!


Faith The Dog

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The thing about Random

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People understand the word random by itself. However, they tend to misuse the word, most notably in facebook; "random photo", "random uploads" etc.

A quick look at explain random as
"proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection of numbers".
In statistics term, it means choosing an object from a pool of samples with each object having the same probability of being selected.

Now, if you were to upload some random photo, you should not be selecting the photo yourself. Instead, you could give each photo in a pool a number ranging from 0 to 66. Then throw a fair die twice and select the photo based on the outcome of the die i.e. First throw give you a 1, second give you a 5, you proceed to upload the photo with number 15 assigned to it previously. Of course, you would be nuts if you are doing this when uploading photos to facebook.

Now that you know you have been using the wrong word for quite some time (yes you, you and you.), time to kick away that habit; a better word might be miscellaneous instead.


Mad TV - Job Interview.

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Malaysia enforces fuel cap on foreign vehicles

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(KUALA LUMPUR) The 20-litre fuel cap on foreign vehicles travelling within a 50-kilometre radius from the border will be implemented today, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

He said the ruling was aimed at checking smuggling of petrol and diesel at border areas until a new mechanism on fuel subsidy was implemented in May next year.

Full Article (After 6pm only).

No more going to KL to pump petrol already


How are financial companies helping consumers?

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Contributed article from someone who came across my blog.

Debt consolidation companies have gained increased prominence owing to the fact that they have helped many debtors to become debt free. Debt consolidation is undoubtedly a good debt solution but you have to play your part too. Once you enroll for a debt consolidation program, it is important to take the process to completion and not leave it midway.

You seek professional assistance only when you are in a financial mess. There are times when you don’t mess up your finances but your circumstances force you to. Under such circumstances you can take help of a credit counselor who can suggest ways to regain financial stability again.

When you consolidate your multiple debts into one with the help of a debt consolidation company, the firm you are hiring will take care of your debts. The company will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and convince them to reduce rate of interest. If the interest rate is reduced, the amount you are paying each month is also lowered. You will also get a repayment schedule that will enable you to keep track of your payments and your payments become more organized and structured.

The debt consolidation companies may be for-profit or non-profit making firms. Once you enroll for a debt consolidation program, make sure you don’t miss your payments again. This can be very troubling and can land you in serious trouble. Studies reveal that approximately 30% to 60% debtors in United States don’t repay their debts.

However, lately there are many debt consolidation companies that have come under the spotlight. And this time due to the wrong reasons. The Federal Trade Commission, state regulators and attorney generals have received several complaints from the consumers that there are few debt consolidation companies that are taking debtors for a ride. These debt help firms promise you that they will be able to help you get out of debt but in reality they fail to live up to their promises.

In majority of the cases, it has been observed that debt consolidation firms charge very high upfront fees; they make verbal promises and avoid writing down their services in paper. The incidence of debtors dropping out of the program isn’t uncommon and when they do so, debtors lose all their cash.

However, not all debt consolidation companies operate illegally and if you intend to hire the services of a debt consolidation company, make sure you check the Reliability report of the Better Business Bureau.


Post-CFA Week 1

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Lets see how much things I did in the past week.

Sunday night after the paper at expo - Went to Jurong East for Justin's baby 1 month celebration. Unfortunately, only Wee Hian and Galvin made it there.

Monday - Whole day at home lazing around. Felt a bit strange to not studying on a full day. And I actually wasted the whole day trying to overhaul my operation system. Spent a ton of time trying to do the ghosting only to realise that my cdrw failed on me. RAHHH

Tuesday - Went for lesson in the morning followed by gathering with gamblers Poly friends. Played 1 round of mahjong followed by 3 hours of Texas holdem at Gavin's house. Then went to Alex's condo for 2 hours of tennis. Dinner was settled with a nice plate of mee goreng.

Wednesday - Went for lesson in the afternoon followed by family dinner.

Thursday - Met up with Yong Zhi (Ex-UOB colleague) during his lunch hours at Raffles City. Hope he clinch the new derivatives job. Went for an 80mins jog in the night. Started from my usual route at Serangoon Garden, I ventured further to Serangoon North, went round the industrial park at AMK Ave 3. I also ran past my secondary school. Nothing has changed; all the technical building, basketball courts still around.

Friday - Went for a 2 hours swim cum tanning session in the morning followed by 6 hours lecture in school. Just finishing eating my usual Friday night supper Bak Chor Mee and now spending 10min to blog.

As for Saturday, I am bringing bella to watch her long-awaited Christmas Carol 3D at Vivocity. Luckily the show is still broadcasting. After which, it will be photo taking session for her new collections of clothes. I have to simultaneously juggle between taking photo for her and setting up her new MSI notebook (installing fresh win 7, install drivers, softwares, ghosting etc).

My schedule for next week has been fully booked as well. It will probably be the end of third week when I will accomplished all the stuff I have put on hold for the past 2 months.


Help Bella campaign

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Won a Ocean & Earth shirt through some contest. The shirt is worth $35 while the short is $60. I am keeping the short and selling the shirt.

I told bella that after I have sold my shirt for $25, we will have money to eat DIY steamboat and her favorite kway chap.

Her reply was "wha but then lidat means have to wait til u sell of the teeshirt then have $$$ eat"

So, if you want to fulfill Bella's wish of having her steamboat early, you can drop me a mail if you are interested in the shirt.


Its over!!!!!

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No more checking of AnalystForum and opening up QBank daily.

And of course, no more this amount of materials to be examined in a single day....

provided I pass.


Pancrates Debut goal for Newcastle v Watford

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Hows this for a goal?



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I am so going to OWN the paper.

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