DCNT Gathering

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Thanks to Jun Jie, we had our DCNT (Diploma in Computer & Network Technology) gathering after 2 years of army. Kudos for the hard work in organising and planning, and ya we know its tough.

We met up 7pm at Clarke Quay MRT and proceeded to Tiffany Coffee House @ Furama Hotel. Unfortunately, the food was not great and failed miserably to justify for its price. Only the Cold Prawn and Pheonix Roll are nice. Nevertheless, we still had a nice time catching up with each other, the never ending jokes and the ever "laughing out loud" jits.

After the dinner, Amanda had to go off early while the rest of us went down to Clarke Quay for some drinking session. We were deciding which pub to go before stopping by outside The Arena. The striking bright red sign attracted us from far and Cindy recommended it.

We opened 2 Martell with 3 mixer, cost us $350. After first round of drinking, Cindy and Shi Hui were off. The rest of us play some drinking games before going down to the limited space dancing floor yet it was so empty. After half an hour to forty-five minutes, we were tired and went back to our place and ordered 1 jug of Tiger. Minutes later, there was an announcement saying that its 1 for 1 for tiger -_-.

We left the place at about 3am soberly, no one was drunk or even the slightest giddy. We did not drink much anyway.
P.S Sorry for the late post, this event took place around 2 weeks ago. :)

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