Weekends are here again!

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Song for the weekend. Its ok if you don't remember the song after listening a few times. But what you need to know is that the song goes like this..woooo.. WOOoooOoo....WOooOoOoO....

Weekends are finally here! Heres my itinerary for this precious weekends.
01 Mar 08 (Saturday)

0900hrs - Reveille
1000hrs - Serangoon Bus Interchange (Take 105 to Toa Payoh)
1030hrs - Toa Payoh (Change to Bus 151/154 to SIM)
1100hrs - Submit Documents
1130hrs - Take Bus to Queensway (61)
1200hrs - Breakfast/Queensway/Anchorpoint (Buy leather shoe and office wear shirts)
1345hrs - Take Bus to Harbourfront (61)
1400hrs - Reach Harbourfront
1415hrs - Repair Prada Phone
1440hrs - Buy 1/4 Sweet and 3/4 Salty Popcorn Combo and watch "Death Note"
1700hrs - Collect Phone and proceed to Glutton's Bay for dinner (MRT)
1940hrs - Watch "Meet the Spartans"
2200hrs - Home Sweet Home (Take Bus 70)
0000hrs - Nights off

02 Mar 08 (Sunday)

0845hrs - Reveille
0930hrs - AMK Hub (Breakfast - Bak Chor Mee 2 bowls shared among 3 people)
1000hrs - Take bus to Bishan Park
1015hrs - Warm up
1030hrs - Eugene's farewell soccer
1300hrs - Cool down
1430hrs - Reach home
1500hrs Onwards - OTOT
Alright, due to the hectic schedule planned tomorrow, I have to catch an early sleep tonight. I think its my first time going for a movie marathon. Surprisingly, I am not excited at all maybe because its not my 1st time watching movie marathon.

err I think I better sleep.. good night my loyal readers.

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