25th month anniversary to us!

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Yesterday was the twenty-fifth month we been together. Thinking out of the box, we decided to take a short bus trip to Shaw Tower to have our lunch at our favorite pasta restaurant Creation! Now, if you have been one of my loyal readers, you would have heard of this famous restauarant mentioned here several times. Have you been there yet? What is it like? Thankfully, I have taken some picture of the restaurant with my new mobile phone.

I bought a black Sony Ericsson K800i from Siong Wei at a decent price of SGD$100 with 1GB memory card. His reason for selling shall not be disclosed here. Don't attempt to ask him, it won't work. This is my third phone I bought since I was thirteen years old. My first mobile phone cost a bomb. Its a Nokia 8210 which cost me SGD$500. The good thing is I managed to use it for a good 8 years until my NS. After which I bought a Sony Ericsson K700i at a cool SGD$98 after SGD$100 rebate from Starhub. So in total, I spent about SGD$700 on mobile handsets for the past 10 years. Seems a decent price to pay eh?

Back to topic. This time round, I decided to order a different pasta which I normally would order (Seafood Marinara). I ordered the Seafood Aglio with Wendy following suit (Copycat!). It taste..... normal. I just can't get enough of Seafood Marinara, I shall order back this on my next trip! This was the first time we went to the restaurant during lunchtime. Their dinner set cost SGD$15.20 with the soup+bread, main course, dessert and a drink. Their lunch set was $11.20 less the dessert. After our hearty lunch, we took a bus back to Raffles Place before going back to work.

After a hard day at work, we went to Harbourfront to collect Wendy's Prada phone. It seems to be working fine... so far (fingers crossed). Then we went to Kovan to meet up with my family for fishhead steamboat dinner. Nice fulfilling dinner. We decided to call it a day and went back home in a cab.

Been some time since I last saw this ticket.

Oh ya, did I mention that Wendy and her friend saw someone resembling Mas Selemat at Raffles Place that morning? They mentioned that he had his hair and moustage cut, left with a little goatie. Her friend decided to call the police during lunchtime. Saw some police vehicles and SOC drove around but unfortunately no news was heard after that. Lets hope that he will be caught soon.

Disclaimer: It might or might not be him. Just remember that he will have the intention to have his appearance changed.

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