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I did a little experiment in my previous post here if we can do away with the street name when mailing out a letter in Singapore.

I mailed out the letter on 19 Mar 08. Yesterday night, I received the same letter in my mailbox. Conclusion, it works.

For landed property address, you can just address the letter to the name of the addressee and the postal code. For HDB address, do not forget to write the house number.

Disclaimer: This is an orthodox way to testing the system. I would still suggest that you write out the full address when you are mailing out your important letter. Anyway, whats so difficult with writing few more words on the letter? lol

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Jeremiah - March 22, 2008 at 9:58 AM

hehe.. now then u know? Just kidding! Cool, thanks for e info! However, when the guys in Australia tried to send me my cheque, when I was in singapore, they got the address wrong! Instead of 3, lorong 42 , they wrote 31, lorong 42. Postal code and unit number was correct, however, the mail failed to reach me. If i go by your explanation, SingPost must have got my building, Aston Mansions right, but the postman sent it to the same unit number in a different block.. means.. Street add is STILL impt for important stuff.. like cheques.

Collin Yeo - March 22, 2008 at 11:45 AM

In your case, it is different because there is an error in your letter to begin with.

Given that the letter was addressed to your postal code and unit number ONLY, I am sure it will reach you. Because there was an error in your street name, confusion has emerged between the street name and postal code. And I do not think SingPost or the postman want to risk it even though it is clear that 31, Lorong 42 does not exist.

Anyway, what happens later?

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