23rd Birthday

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Celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday with my colleagues during lunch and with Li Ling after work.

It seems that she is enjoying my birthday more than me. Heres the reason. She applied urgent leaves on Thursday and Friday. On Friday afternoon, she came to Raffles Place to get my house key for me as she got something up her sleeves. A while later, she called to say shes having lunch, chocolate and yakult in my house. Laying flat on the sofa watching TV after that.

Anyway, we went to Marina Square after work to have dinner before catching the show "The Forbidden Kingdom" starring Hollywood Mega stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I reckon this is their first movie working and starring together. If you have not catch it, CATCH IT. Its worth every penny. Shall not write any review of it cause its too good to be reviewed by me. I would not mind watching it few more times in the cinema really.

We had our dinner at Hotpot Culture. Its located near Thai Express, just below Paris Buffet. A single pot cost $7.90 with additional signature dish costing $3.90. In total, it cost $30, not really worth it in my opinion.

Looks tasty and big right?

Its not.

After the satisfying movie but unsatisfying dinner, we took train back to my house. Wendy bought my favorite banana cake and left it in my fridge. Its so nice that we ate 1/6 of it.

Time to cut the cake.

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