Precious Weekends

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Good things have to come to an end. So are our precious weekends.

Not much significant things did over the weekends in particular. Managed to finished a Wall Straits book which I will give a little introduction to it soon.

As per Sunday morning routine, I will hop down to Bishan park to have a game of soccer with some uncles. The pitch is really getting from bad to worse after the heavy rain in these few weeks. Sooner or later, we have to re-locate to another pitch.

Or will we? The core of my soccer team is more or less there already. Just pending for a few more replies to get it going. I am looking to build a decent squad of 16 strong players committing every Sunday for friendly matches. The only severe area we are lacking as of current is Goalkeeper. We are still contacting our army unit goalkeeper William, hopefully he will give us the nod to be our first choice keeper. Or you just happen to drop by and would like to join our passionate soccer team, feel free to drop me a mail.

It will be another hectic working week starting from tomorrow as the deadline is drawing nearer and nearer. Heads will roll if we do not complete in time, but definitely not mine :P Been working OT for the past week; haven't been training for my Marathon. I read on today's Sunday Times that one of the lady been doing cycle session at gym during her office lunch break. And during the weekends, she would clock 30km of distance on foot. Thats quite an amazing discipline she had. I am been motivated again to clock long distance over the weekdays, particularly Tuesday and Thursday.

Its 10.40pm now and I am going to have a shower before settling down in front of my notebook to catch the Clash of the Titans: Manchester United VS Arsenal. Hopefully it won't be another hammer by Manchester as I am expecting some brilliant and exciting exchange between them. Of course, with my favorite peanuts.


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