Top Footballers in terms of wages

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We are constantly amazed and envy about the earnings of top footballers in Europe, especially England. But do you really think that football, the world's hottest sport these few years, are really generating the highest sports earners in the world? Below is an article extracted from The Sun.

CRISTIANO RONALDO is set to sign a new £40million deal with Manchester United.

He will become the highest-paid player in England on a massive £150,000 a week.

Ronaldo, currently on £100,000 a week, is enjoying a sensational season. He has scored 37 goals for United in all competitions and is the hottest property in world football.

Ronaldo’s new deal will dwarf that of team-mate Wayne Rooney on £112,000 a week.

He leapfrogs the Chelsea quartet of Michael Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko — both on £130,000 a week — and Frank Lampard and John Terry, who are on £120,000 a week.

But he has some way to go to match the biggest earners in world sport. Tiger Woods pulls in £50m a year, boxer Oscar de la Hoya earned £22m in 2007 and golfer Phil Mickelson was just behind on £21m.

David Beckham’s pay at LA Galaxy is about £16m a year — but he earns millions more in sponsorship deals.

Yes, you see nothing wrong here. Tiger Woods, the golfer, earns £50m a year. Thats estimated to be around £1m a week. And Beckham is earnings ~£300k a week at LA Galaxy, a club in the United States, far more than the amount he earns while at Man Utd or Real Madrid. Where did LA Galaxy find the amount of money to pay him?

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