What to do if you are bored of work in office?

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This is what you can do.

Ok this was taken last month when I just entered UOB. Work is beginning to pile up as I hardly have enough time to breath in office. Nevertheless, I still have nice colleagues in my team which keeps each and every of us going.

Yesterday we just have our department lunch at "The Moomba". It was a lunch treat by 4 of the newly promotion guys. We have our own 3 course meal, costing $42 fully paid. I ordered Rock Oyster as a starter. Its identical to those you ordered at Jack's Place, half a dozen. The oyster is really fresh and served really chilled, with lemon and thai sauce. Thumbs up. My main course was Linguine Pasta with some Japanese fish meal. The portion was small but it taste really nice. Thumbs up. Lastly, my desert was Chocolate Banana. 3 slices with banana with the chocolate below, coupled with vanilla ice cream beside it. Average to me as I am not a desert guy. Our VP(H) also ordered a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. I drank 3 glasses of red wine and its nice though I never have a chance to look at the bottle.

We went back to work at 3pm with a hefty and satisfying lunch. :)

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