Adidas Sundown Marathon

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I previously mentioned in my blog here that I would be running the Adidas Sundown Marathon. No, I am not blogging to say that I am chickening out (rahhh). Instead, just want to compute some statistics with regards to the training I have did over the last few months.

The marathon is on this coming Saturday night, flagging off time was 2359hrs. No, it is not a typo, it is really 2359hrs. Adidas Sundown Marathon is set to be the region's longest night running race and I am proud to be one of the pioneers. =)

Over a period of 2 months, I managed to clock a distance of 78.1km with a total timing of 511min or 8hrs 51mins. Longest distance clocked was only 16km. Doesn't seems impressive and adequate enough to prepare for a marathon. A small consolation was the weekly Sunday soccer kick-about/matches and some swimming on Saturday.

I read through the pre-race review by one of the runners. He made it really sounds easy; probably due to the majority of content falling on the route instead of the experience. The probable obstacles I foresee are, ceteris paribus, the wind direction/velocity, gradient and length of the slope and of course the weather.

There is also an interesting contest whereby one has to write in to state the reason he enjoys running in the night. Check out the Most Outrageous Answer by one of the contestants below
I believe I am a cheetah in my past life and that's why I love to run in my present life. Cheetah likes to run and hunt at night and this habit was passed on to my present life. That's why I love night running so much!'
Well, stay tuned for my post-race review. =)

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