Sad Weekends : Part 1/3

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I did not make it for my weekly sunday morning soccer at bishan park.

It was Sunday morning 9.05am. I was on the bus on my way to AMK Hub to meet my soccer khaki before making our trip down to Bishan Park for our usual soccer session. I received an SMS from my boss asking if I can go back office to help out with some testing. I asked if I can go back at 2pm but unfortunately, no. I alighted at AMK interchange and took back the same bus to go home for breakfast before going down to the UOB building at Alexandra Road. (My usual working place is at Raffles). Working through Sunday is really torturing, with the added damage that I could not kick some ball that I was always looking forward to. Reached the place at 11am and left at 5pm. We ordered Pizza and Chicken Wings as the place is quite remote and not much eateries nearby.
Collapsed colleague who worked on both Saturday and Sunday

Quite a tired day, not due to the work on Sunday but the missing of my usual kick-about. I guessed I have been addicted to bringing home the mud of Bishan Park. Nevertheless, I still made my way to Bella's house for dinner. It was Mother's Day and her house prepared a wide spread. I have to say I really love the rice her maid cook. Of course, their home-grown chilli padi too!

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