Sad Weekends : Part 2/3

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Wendy and me did not win the trip to Zurich, Switzerland.

We were informed to be present for the Draw at Heeren on Saturday 2pm. All along, we thought that the contestants were only from 883Jia FM. To our shock, Power98FM is also hosting this competition in conjunction with 883JIA FM. That diminished our hope, a little (Because we have 4 chances). We were also given 2 bags of goodies bags. Most of the stuff are for men; Nivea Facial and Shower Foam.

Some Aikido Promotion

The Draw begins. There were a total of 15 prizes to be won. Some soccer balls, national team jersey etc, mostly sponsored by Adidas. Right down to the top prize, the DJs of both stations gave some hints about the winners. Their NRIC begins with 8 and bothare a couple. The feeling of going up the stage to get the tickets for 2 to Zurich, Switzerland to watch the Euro 2008 match between Italy and France with all expenses paid are indeed PRICELESS. Unfortunately, we did not win. :(

Mini game where the one who can hold the ball longest wins. Its Singaporean VS Brazilian

Despaired but that is not the end of the world, yet. We proceeded as planned to get present for Wendy's mum as Mother's Day present. Then, we went to Esplanade Library. Bella never been there before and was also looking to borrow from wine books. I do my usual reading.

Working hard at the library for Team FATA; drafting mails, sourcing jerseys and friendlies.

Next, my dad came to fetch us to my Grandma's birthday dinner at Beach Road. A typical 6-7 course Chinese meals. The dishes were of average quality. After dinner.... no its not the end of a hetic Saturday yet. Roy called me out for F4 supper cum gathering while Bella was "jioed" to a mahjong session at one of her JC friend house.

We RV at Roy's house before moving out for supper. As usual, we spent quite some time thinking where to eat and in the end decided on Hong Kong's Cafe at Cinneleisure. Gavin and I was sort of the least hungry ones but we were the first to finish our food =D I ordered their "maggie mee" with luncheon meat and egg, nice! But it cost close to 7 bucks, a ripe off for a packet of maggie mee! Nevertheless, the meet up compensated over everything, period. Towards the end of our gathering, I was talking lesser and lesser due to fatique setting in. Finally, we decided to head home at 2.30am with Gavin sending us back to our doorstep, thank you :)

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