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Music for this weekend

Working life is really bored, keep looking forward to weekends. And each weekends seems more and more exciting for me.

Itinerary for this weekend.

10th May 08 (With Bella)
- Cancel my NTUC Income Living Policy at AMK Hub
- Go for 883Jia FM lucky draw for a trip to Switzerland at Orchard Road outside HMV
- Go Esplanade library for some reading
- Go to Ah Ma birthday dinner

11th May 08
- Soccer kick-about in the morning
- Watching BPL champions and relegation battle fight. (All teams are down to 1 game in hand with the Champions spot up for grab and 2 teams will be relegated this Sunday)

Anyway, I had a dream last night. I dreamt that Team FATA were playing our first match. I woke up when the first half ended and we were leading 3-1. Hopefully I can dream of the second half tonight. Will tell you all the final score tomorrow. wahahaha

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