End of another week

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heh, the morning routine on a typical day in office. Some crapping and lunch suggestion before getting down to work.

Realised that I have not been updating the blog with my weekend itinerary. So out of "goodwill", I shall post my planned itinerary for my loyal readers whos are been complaining for the overwhelming posts on soccer lately (you know who you are RAHH).

12.30pm - Heads down to SIM to pay for the UOL registration fee. Really troublesome. They should really just consolidate all the fees to be paid and one shot ask us to pay. Note, I went to RELC at Orchard to pay for the UOL student fee. Come next year, I need to make another trip down to make payment for the exams fee. argh

1.30pm - Brunch with Bella at nearby restaurant to eat "Zhi Bao Ji". She said she want bring me go eat because its quite near to SIM. But its actually that she wanted to eat! Proof is here!! See the bottom!

2.30pm - Collect back deposits paid for Team FATA's team jerseys. Supplier told me that the next shipment will only arrive in the October. Such a pity as their jersey is really nice and comfortable. In additional, I need to get a pair of shinguard as I lost one of it. I washed and put in my kitchen window to dry. The wind should not be strong enough to blow it away. I suspect its the stupid birds!!! Then hopefully Wee Hian is able to arrive early at Queensway as he needs to get a pair of new boots. Actually his current boots are pretty new, less than 1 year but the sole came off. Cost him about 140 bucks HAHAHA. My Mizuno is still serving me well (*touch wood*).

3.30pm onwards - OTOT

2.45am - Netherlands vs Russia. I have been impressed with Russia's free flowing football ever since their defeat by Spain. One would be wondering why would Russia suffered such a heavy defeat when in the last 15min, they were playing amazing one-touch to the feet football. Kudos to Guus Hiddink (Former coach of Netherlands). Should be interesting to see the battle between Guus and his previous team.

3pm - Team FATA vs Outside United. Looking for our 3rd win in 4 games.

2.45am - Spain vs Italy. Needless to say, both are worthy Euro champions. Will be very exciting to see how will Italy bounce back and how will Spain continue their winning streaks. We have witnessed the underdogs in Germany winning Portugal. Will we see another repeat here?

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