"F4+1 + another one" Steamboat buffet followed by drinking night

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Great Wednesday gathering after work, we had a steamboat buffet dinner at Bugis'"Xian De Lai" restaurant before proceeding to Ben's house for a drink + pool session.

Pre dinner poses

Left: The latecomer Gabin
Right: The ladies

End of dinner poses

Last few photos before leaving for Ben's house.

The boozes. Vodka mix with orange juice/cranberry/redbull. All taste nice except vodka lol

Yes, I'm the Champion of the inaugural F4 Pool Championship.

Left: The ladies
Right: The guys (Did I tell you that I was from martial arts school last time?)

Some cam whore with Roy's old school sunglass.

Right: Notice anything different?

Left: Great artistic work by Roy. Thumbs up.
Right: F4 rationz?

Left: Posing for a quick shot in the lift
Right: F4 budget MTV

Message to F4+1 + another one
P.S Bella is not able to take leave on the 1st of Aug 08. Looks like we can have 2 days of short relaxing trip instead. Lets try to source for a package where we are able to leave on Friday night and arrive back in Singapore in the late afternoon. Also, is Gavin gonna apply leave on Saturday and Sunday? (Ya thats very depressing because he is now a car dealer who only have 1 rest day per week. Nevertheless, anyone looking for car or know of someone intending to get one, please approach Gavin as he might be able to provide a good package for you folks.)

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