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Received some feedback from friends through my little spy that they were complaining about my blog full of soccer, computer, technology etc with little updates on my personal life. Hey, are you all my friends? Don't you know my life revolves around soccer, computer and investment? And not forgetting with the additional of Bella in the recent years.

Our mini gathering at TCC before heading for our movie. I'm wearing the Sundown finisher tee, if you have missed our my review on the race, you can check it out here.

Ok on a serious note, please accept my apology for the lack of updates as my life has been pretty busy ever since the start of Euro 2008. This is how my free time being spent on a typical weekday. I reached home at 7pm, ate dinner at 7.15pm, check my emails, bathe and sleep at 8pm/9pm. Woke up at 12am to watch only the first match before sleeping again at 2am. This goes on for a few days. Okok Bella, I confessed that on ocassionally days, I overslept and did not wake up for the match. (RAHH) Cause you never call me! (hahaha)

Anyway, I spent my Saturday upgrading Wendy's "Pentium M acting like Pentium 3" notebook. Got a 1GB of ram for her and formatted her notebook to a clean fresh WinXP SP3. Boy, her notebook is flying now! But still slower than mine =D We went to Marina Square to catch the "Kungfu Panda" show. Strong Casting like Jack Black, Jackie Chan and Angeline Joline did not star in this show, instead their voice were used for the cartoon characters. Quite a nice show I would say and recommended for children, teenagers, young adult, adult, uncles, aunties, grandparents (damn who else did I miss out?). After the show, we went back my home for a simple dinner and we went to sleep after watching the soccer match.

Oh and did I mention Bella got her own comforter and pillow in my house!

Sleeping soundly with her personal pillow and comforter

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