Buffet dinner at Grand Copthorne Hotel

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As mentioned in my previous post here that I will be heading for a family buffet dinner at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Yes it is the one beside the infamous for Bella famous Zouk. For details on why it is infamous for Bella, I think I shall skip it. Ok, just a sneak preview, you can find out from her blog here.

Anyway, Bella had an interview at Tanjong Pagar at 6pm. I went to find her after work and waited till 8pm before she was "released". Let me recall how I spent the hours that seems like century.

I spent the first half an hour watching some leisure soccer at the small field.
I seated in the taxi stand with many taxi drivers slowing down in front of me. (I showed them the middle finger "I'm not waiting for cab" look)
I lean against the railings to act cool for few more minutes.
I went round the Fuji Xerox building 1 round.
I sat on the closed shop coffeebean chair for 30min.
I played all the games in my mobile phone. (oh and I discovered one of the game is quite nice)

Finally, Bella called me and we flew down to Grand Copthorne like an eagle zooming in to its prey.

So you think that few pieces of oyster gonna satisfy me?

No Way! I want more!!!!


To be honest, the variety and quality of the food there ain't fantastic. Needless to say, it failed to justify the price (About $25 per head after discount). Out of 10 points, I would rate it 10 points! (provided it is free)

After the satisfying oyster, we took a cab back. All of us were sleeping our way through the congested CTE.


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