Family dinner

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Had a family dinner on Wednesday during my Mum and Sister's off day. Bella joined us.

Wendy and I reached Bugis only to find my sister and mum late. We walked around Bugis and found that there is food festival. The first stall we came across was selling my favorite Oyster Mee Sua and Bella's curry fishball!!! Then we saw the piping hot taiwan sausage. We decided to get 1 stick of sausage to satisfy our growling stomach.

Apparently, we spent about 10min wating the sausage in front of the stall. Because we were contemplating whether to get ourselves the mee sua and curry fishball because we were too hungry and those are boiling in front of us!!!

This is the stall!

Plucked up courage, we decided to move on. Ya, we moved on instead of moving OFF. We walked round the food festival and found more and more tempting delicancy!! It was a torture walk as we are saving the space for our dinner at Crystal Jade.

Finally, a saving SMS was flashing on my mobile phone. My family has arrived!!! We stormed walked to Crystal Jade to meet them.

Left: Spicy Chicken
Right: Wanton La Mian

Left: 4 season beans NICE!
Right: Spicy la mian

Left: Spare ribs that cost $6.50 a piece
Right: Cold duck meat (my mum "soot" ka liao)

Chiong food 1st, photos

Don't care, EAT!

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Eugene Fu - July 30, 2008 at 11:32 PM

well u got me... after I see this pictures i think the food there are better than oysters here... LOL

Collin Yeo - July 31, 2008 at 12:55 AM

oyster is definitely better!! RAHHH I can eat dozens of them!

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