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Few days ago, I posted a puzzle whether a bottle poisoned wine can be identified among the batch of 1000 bottles within 24hours.

One of them was anonymous, the other was fatboyho.

Quoting one of solution here for all.
solving this puzzle requires the understanding of the binary system. each 'pattern' in the binary system corresponds to one unique number.

the 1st prisoner will take the 1st number of the binary (so he'll be taking a sip out of bottles 1,3,5,7...all the way to 999).

the 2nd prisoner will take the 2nd number of the binary (bottles 2,3,6,7,10,11...).

the rest of the prisoners will take their respective places in the binary. (3rd prisoner take 3rd number in binary and so on so forth)

so let's say bottle 736 is the one with the poison. the binary for 736 is 0101110000. therefore, prisoners 5,6,7,9 will be dead by the next day.

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