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Ever since my school started 2 weeks ago, i am too lazy to blog haven't been able to find the time to blog. Lessons at SIM-UOL are definitely not those traditional University lessons you would expect as there is no tutorials to be submitted, no group discussion or presentation; hence the whole 100% weightage of our results are based on the 1 year 1 time exams paper.

While some might not be too used to it as they needed some extra marks from tutorial/presentation etc to beautify their end results, I for one do not find any problem with this system. Afterall, all the external UOL-LSE students in the rest of the world are based on the same academic system. Its just that this system is not too well accepted by Singaporeans as our system here is participation, participation and participation.

On the bright side, while the lecturers here do not have the doctorate paper vis-a-vis those at NTU, the former are definitely better at educating students. Granted, a sample size of 4 is not significant enough. We shall see.

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