The Drive of Life

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Extracted from my favorite Wikipedia,

The Drive of Life
(Traditional Chinese: 歲月風雲) is a TVB modern drama series broadcasted in 2007.

The 60-episode grand production was specially filmed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong back to China from Great Britain during the period of 1997-2007. It is a joint production of Hong Kong's TVB and mainland's CCTV. The theme of the series revolves around the automobile industry in China. Told in flashback from 1994, the ups and downs and transformations that Hong Kong has been experiencing before and after the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong is used as a narrative device. The series was filmed in Hong Kong, Beijing, Ningbo, and Vancouver, Canada from early October 2006 until May 2007.

Other than the strong casts from China and Hong Kong, what particularly attracted me to this drama is the story line revolving around the managing of a business. Not wanting to reveal the spoiler, I just make a comment from a generalised point of view. Basically, you would enjoy the show if you are interested in business, full-stop. HAHA ok just a bit more.

For those who know me well enough, knows that I seldom chase drama/shows. I think its a waste of time too. The opportunity cost of spending the tens of hours is just not worth it. However, this drama proved too much to be missed.

Firstly, it present the journey of a strong character of how he manage a big corporation, only to lose it overnight due to the lack of foresight in his son. In results, the company has to go into liquidation to pay off debt. This was also partly due to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

Secondly, giving such a strong character he is, the chairman of the listed company decided to start afresh to form a small Private Limited where he has to go get orders himself personally as the chair; which I believe he will rebuild his corporation in the near future.

Thirdly, it also clearly signifies the working and business culture difference between China and Hong Kong during that time. The important catch here is the ways to appreciate the production environment and ways to expand the production line considerably. (Yup, I'm referring to the automobile manufacturing company)

Of course there are many more things to get away with this drama; thats why there is not "last but not least" here :) Currently, Starhub Channel 55 is showing daily from Mon to Fri 9pm. They are now well into episode 15 already but theres still a good 75% left to watch. (Now switch from IT to Finance already, everytime must be in percentage and numbers lol)

keke, don't type so much le. Blogging is a waste of time, opportunity cost!! lol oh ya, the music at the top is the ending theme song for the show, nice right :)

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