Singapore Armed Forces to introduce new combat uniform in 2009

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SAF new combat uniform

SINGAPORE: Singapore's men in green will be seeing a new combat uniform from next year.

Some 300,000 servicemen will eventually be wearing the new SAF combat uniform with high-tech pixelised patterns on it. The patterns replace the large green patches on the old outfit.

The new material maintains the camouflage effect even when viewed through night vision devices.

It is also designed to be used in war zones that extend beyond the jungle.

Colonel Tan Chor Kiat, Chief of Staff, HQ 9 Division, Infantry, Singapore Armed Forces, said: "When you talk about urban terrain, you are really looking at a very unique characteristic where the opposing forces can co-exist within the same urban terrain in a very volatile system.

"Consequently, the soldiers are going to get shot at a lot more often, and at a much shorter distance."

According to the SAF, the new uniform increases detection time by 30 to 50 percent in the urban environment, making it harder for enemies to find their targets.

It is also made from better quality fabric, which helps dissipate sweat and heat away from the body quicker, and comes with ergonomic features such as extra padding and pockets.

It will be introduced to all servicemen over a three-year period starting from 2009.

The first to receive the new uniforms will be recruits from the January Basic Military Training intake, as well as active personnel and NSmen in their sixth and seventh In-Camp Training years, while the rest will get theirs in 2010 and 2011.

NSmen currently in their seventh to ninth years, however, will not receive the new uniform.

SAF said this phased approach takes into consideration the wear and tear of servicemen's existing uniforms. - CNA/de
Firstly, whats with the "high-tech" pixelised pattern?

Secondly, the new uniform increases detection time. I suppose they (SAF) want our soldiers to recognise friendly forces easier? Doesn't that equate to our enemy detecting us faster too?

Anyway, while I do not really like the new design of the uniform (I realised our old uniform design rocks!), its a good move by SAF that they research and design with the objective of enchancing the survivability of our soldier.

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