Boosting Economy?

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Are you doing your bit to boost the local economy, a little? I know I am because almost every Wednesday my family would dine out and do some shopping to boost the economy as it is my mum's only off day in a week. We would usually spent more than $70 a meal including Wendy Mei Mei. No matter how reluctant am I on splurging these money weekly, I am telling myself that we are helping to boost the economy "neng chi shi fu" 能吃是富; and not wait until my mum is old and could not enjoy her favorite hobby (eating).

Anyway, heres the food for 10th Oct 08.

Some chicken.. chicken breast included.. yucks

Left: Bee Hoon mixed with Mee Sua (I think)
Right: My favorite LALA

Left: Scallop with cali
Right: Herbal Prawn Soup

Left: Lor Mee
Right: Bee Hoon

Left: Finished dishes
Right: Guess what? Finished dishes with tea pot.. (ok lame...)

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