Garlic Prawn Pasta

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This is my first attempt at cooking my all time favorite pasta, the Garlic Prawn Pasta. With guidance and the "star ingredient" from Wee Hian, I finally made it to be as tasty as compared to Coffee Club's. Anyway, this is really a simple dish, the world of a difference is caused by the star ingredient. Without it, nothing comes close. And unfortunately, this star ingredient is not purchasable (as commented by Wee Hian) as Coffee Club imported it.

Anyway, a picture worth a thousand words. Here it goes.

Preparing the ingredients

Chopped garlic and chilli padi

Left: Before
Right: After

Left: Tiger Prawn
Right: Marinated with salt and pepper

Left: Chopped Tomato
Right: All done and raring to go

"taming" in progress

The final product

Finally... the "Star Ingredient"

Knorr Pesto!!!
If anyone know where can get this, please tell me, money is not a problem!!! (you know.. I just have to exaggerate)

Last but not least

The star

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