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This is way too cool! While some countries have law prohibiting the unconsented filming of an individual on property for the purpose of public display, I am not sure if Singapore do have this type of law as well. Any lawyers here?

As told by my friend (forgot who.. shit..i have short-term memory), he spotted a google vehicle on the street of Singapore with a 360 degrees camera mounted on top. Well, if you have spotted one, perhaps one of the things you can do are...

1) Say hi to the camera
2) Cover your face if you do not want your face to be on public domain (while Google mentioned that they have did a face blurring for those affected, some web sites have shown that it has not been implemented with precision.)
3) Snap back at the camera
4) Take a photo with the google crew if you can or even with the google vehicle itself!
5) Come back here and tell me :)

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