Mobile morons (The Straits Times, 16 Nov 2008, Page 33)

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Ever since the emergence of mobile phone, its technology has leaped by bound. Many has argued that this phenomenal has brought about a moral hazard by the users of mobile phone. Till now, the issue is still at large and does not looks like it will end any soon by any factor.

How then, will this hazard be gone form our life? Through the education of school/government? Through another technology break-through that will somehow and someway curb it? Your guess is as good as mine. Read more.

Mobile morons
Mark Featherstone
The Straits Times
16 Nov 2008

We have become cellphone slaves, mobile morons and iPhone iDiots. No matter how intelligent, how schooled, how full of common sense we are, we are incapable of judging when it is appropriate to accept a call on our cellphones. The topic of more...

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