President-Elect Barack Obama's Victory Speech

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A very good and sincere speech by Mr Obama which touched every soul on the ground that day, specifically if you are a woman or a black. As clearly seen in the 2 separate videos of Mr McCain's and Mr Obama's speeches, the latter definitely has an edge over the former on public speaking. The confidence level, the tone and the feelings by Mr Obama was high and sincere.

A very candid and down to earth guy, Mr Obama admitted that things will get tougher and he alone would not be able to overcome them; hence he requested the help from fellow Americans and even the help of Mr McCain, which was a good move. He definitely has the charisma of a leader and vision longer than you expected (He mentioned things might not improve during the next 1 year or 1 term).

Credits to Mr McCain for asking his supporters to move on and support the new President-elect in the future as a nation.

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