Christmas 2008

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One of the most important festive season for Bella is Christmas. On Christmas eve Tuesday, her company gave a half day off and hence she would be able to leave at noon. I met her at her workplace before bringing her for lunch to one of her most anticipated visit to Marriott Cafe at Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road (ok that was bad English).

It was only until we sit down at the Cafe then we know the Buffet lunch for that day was a whopping $90+ per head. Nevertheless, knowing that "Consumption" was a vital component of the country's GDP, coupled with the recent down mood for Bella, I still felt it was money well spent.

The Christmas decoration settings at Marriott Cafe at Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road

Left: My Starters
Right: Her Starters

Left: Herbal Chicken Soup
Right: Ham and Turkey special!

The seafood... taste ordinary

I think my photography skills for taking macro shots of food seems to be improving huh? Hows my photos for the oyster and dessert shots?

My Stars

Her Stars

Probably one of the most anticipated food among Marriott's buffet is their dessert corner

During our course of meals, Bella and I went to the washroom once (for obvious reason). We decided against going only after the buffet as the food would be wasted by then (typical Singaporeans thinking.. kiasu!! haha).

Overall, the food of course doesn't justify the price being paid! (For $200, we could have eaten 2 or 3 big Sri Lanka crab!) But like I said many times to Bella before, we wouldn't know until we try. Actually for the price of $40, I still think its not worth it cause the only food that interest me are the oyster and salmon which just taste normal.

After our brunch, we headed to Far East Plaza for some window shopping before heading home for rest and dinner.

Bella playing game

After a good nap with air-con and outside raining, I prepared our favorite Garlic Prawn Pasta (again). This time round there was a surprise entry of a Champagne!

A Champagne from France

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