Happy New Year 2009!

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After googling few minutes for 2009 New Year greetings to no avail, I decided to make my unique customised greetings "card" for my supportive and loyal readers here at Diversifying Ruined simply because you guys are worth my effort and sweat put in for this creation.

Exactly a year ago, something interesting happened at my blog. If you could recall, it proves something. You have good memory (duh). Well, if you couldn't, make use of the search function at the top right hand corner of my blog to find out or you can also click the archives. (Do it now before proceeding!)

Interesting isn't it? :>

Now, before you continue reading, perhaps you can just take a few minutes to enjoy this New Year song.

Don't like it? How about this? :)

Anyway, another year has passed and its time to do our resolutions. Well, Bella asked me my resolution for this upcoming year and I told her that ever since I entered UOL, my resolutions has been set for the next 3 years; hoping to graduate with a First Class and a CFA Level 1. I could not say whether I am on track for it since I have not yet finished my first semester/year. But I am still doing "ok", just keeping up with weekly revisions on the topics covered but not yet into turbo mode. As for CFA, I will be registering for the Level 1 examinations in Dec during early July perhaps, anyone joining me?

Of course other than studies aside, I have to leave some wardrobe space for other intangible things for resolution as well right? I would want to treat Bella better, cook nicer pasta for her, find more good and cheap food etc (Yeah all about food for her, thats why I dedicated a post for her weeks ago).

Then, for me Team FATA, hopefully we can make it a norm to have a match every Sunday without fail and maybe once a month at East Coast Futsal for enjoyment. To better bond them together, few of us have decided to arrange for a team chalet cum BBQ tomorrow. Hope it turns out well.

Next, IPPT window is opening soon, still deciding whether I should take it this year or next year before the window close (to take advantage of training once for 2 IPPTs, you know the strategy of taking 1 before your window close and 1 after your window open within a timespan of maybe 1 month). In this case, we would be effectly taking 2 IPPTs every 2 years instead of taking 1 IPPT every year (it makes a difference, in the training required that is).

Take care and prosper!

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