Simple Meal

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Been some time since Bella and I go for my family dinner on Wednesday. And since yesterday Bella was working near by Sis at Suntec area, we went for it. :)

Unfortunately, I did not take enough photos as was busy gobbling the food because I saw Bella doing that as well. If I take any more photos, the food would have been, you guessed it, gone.

Top: Heng Huat tasty chilli
Left: Quality Sweet Sour Pork
Right: Herbal Prawn

Bella with her satisfied look?

Today's dinner was a simple one. Bak Kut Teh soup by Mum and my boiled kailan with oyster sauce (with my favorite garlic and onion with added sweet photo flour to make it sticky) whipped in less than 10min.


GOTCHA! Bella with her new game from her favorite BigFish game developer. She was too engrossed in the game and don't care about me all day!

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