Exams are over!

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But I am not happy at all because 2 of the papers are killers i.e. new type of questions came out which are different from the past 3 years. Really caught many of us by surprised and hopefully they would do some moderation, if not there might be a similar failure rate as CFA papers!

Anyway, since there are not much use crying over spilled milk now, I shall concentrate on my deserved break (Just feel that UOL exams paper is really #)($&#$)(&#, most of the papers are a test on your English and understanding of the concept as a whole. This means that even if you study diligently throughout from beginning to end of semester, you would still lose out to a smart guy who chiong in the last few weeks and who managed to interpret the question correctly because he has a better English language!)

Enough said about the exams. Trying to work towards to be a principle-minded person, I shall forget about my exams and concentrate on my holiday! So many things are waiting for me; swimming, jogging, soccer, a whole list of books, and maybe learn a few more dishes!

Few weeks ago, I sent out more than 20 resumes for a 3 months temp job but to no avail. NO ONE called at all, how depressing is that. And the job alerts I received are xxx firms representing xxx insurance company wanting to view my resume from jobscentral. But the good news is that I am going for another internship interview on Monday at a particular S&P500 company in Marymount for some accounting position. Hopefully I could clinch it since the labour market has so much excess supply (Reminds me of my econs paper yesterday which I hope I can just pass! :( ).

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