Happy Weekend

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Bella managed to get leave on Friday so we decided to go AMK's Ichiban Sushi for brunch.

Left: Her Favorite
Right: Her Favorite 2

Left: Her Favorite 3 (She eat a lot)
Right: My Favorite "3 layer pork"!

Right: Our Favorite but not I take one cause its blurry :P

Then on Saturday I decided to bring Bella to a secret place to have our brunch that I made a reservation beforehand. Took us about 30min to reach our destination after changing 1 bus service.

Left: On the way
Right: A warning sign that pose zero danger to Bella

Left: Our theme for the day is sporty couple! She wearing my shirt though (can you guess the event of the shirt?)
Right: Tada reached the place. Its the good old Thomson Plaza where most of us went to after our Secondary School X-Country at MacRitchie (memories~~ hur hur)

Secret Place that is not revealed till we reached hehe

Food Galore!

For the price of $20 per head (dim sum buffet), I wouldn't say its not worth it. However, there isn't much variety there. I just ate the usual har gao, siew mai, chee joing fan, deep fried pork. Worth a try.

After our nice lunch, we stroll around thomson plaza that we have not been to after we left our secondary school. The usual interior is still the same but with an extension behind. A nice walk to digest our food, we proceeded to take a bus down to Suntec. Thankfully there is a direct bus service from thomson plaza to suntec. Never mind the long journey (45mins) because we think that its a luxury to sleep after a heavy brunch/lunch. Bella "dunno sleep until where" (if you get what I mean).

We reached Suntec at around 6.30pm. Knowing that we have booked a show at 9.10pm, we decided to walk around Suntec to kill time. It was really meant to be a "walk-around" just to kill time but we ended up with quite a number of "hoots" that we were happy about.

I went into several sports shop just to take a look at soccer boots as my current one kept giving me blister and bloodclot perhaps due to the tightness. Some of the boots are dirt cheap ($20+, $30+). Unfortunately, they do not have my size.

Then I went to the Royal Sporting House below and tried 2 boots. I bought the white one, its Nike Tiempo Air Legend II if I'm not wrong.

Bella bought this slipper

After we walked out of Carrefoure, there was a huge event (waiting for Bella).

What could make Bella more happy (other than me) than WINE?

See how happy she is

Left: She bought this super nice wine at a super nice price of $19.90.
Right: Our hoots for the day

Our eventful day ended with the movie Terminator Salvation at Marina Square. It was really nice and strongly recommend you to watch it if you are Terminator fan (duh...). Again, blessed with a central location with superb transport link network, we took a direct bus back to my home where we have a short nap (again).

P.S I just got back from my Sunday morning soccer with my new boots and I think I bought half a size bigger :(

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