Just recovered from a bad stomach flu

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Had a stomach flu on Sunday night at around 1am. Recalling the food I ate on Sunday, I had fishball noodle and oyster omelet with Bella for lunch and chicken curry, fried prawn and fish for dinner with her family. I guess I might have missed out some vege and fruits for the day which results in stomach flu.

Recalling one of the night in my Army days when I had a similar encounter that I could not sleep all night due to the continuous pain, I went to see the MO (Medical Officer) in the morning. He diagnosed that I have suspected appendicitis and sent me to the hospital A&E. There, my pain actually subsided quite a fair bit but the symptom for appendicitis was still there. Apparently, if you press and release your bottom right stomach, the sudden release will cause a sharp pain; thats a symptom for appendicitis. So, I was still warded for a good 2 nights as a guinea pig for those young doctors. I actually looked like the fittest patient Tan Tock Seng Hospital ever have because I move around freely and eat freely and I was not displaying any single sign of distress at all.

Left: Dinner Right: Breakfast
Hospital's food is not really that bad as some proclaimed. And of course I finished them all :)

Left: The things that accompanied me during one of the night. A Real Estate book by one of Robet Kiyosaki's mentee, a mp3 player, TV remote (ya my ward was shared among 3 others and each of us have a TV) and a phone to call Bella!
Right: Bella ish always there for me! :P

How bad is this stomach flu? Its even worse than the above one but however I was not warded, thanks to the second doctor I visited where he gave me the medicine to ease the pain; the first doctor only gave me the medicine for to get rid of the stomach "wind" and help with the "digestion". But the horrible torturing is due to the pain instead. Hence, I was left to suffer for the whole afternoon thinking the pain will ease after taking both medicine. My condition did not improve and I was groaning all day.

Eventually, I went to see the doctor again and then asked for a jab and some painkillers. With Bella's TLC and feeding me dinner, I ate about 4 spoon of porridge (cooked by my sister, no need to guess the taste hahaha) before trying to sleep. I tossed around as the pain prevented me from doing anything, even sleep! Somehow or rather, I managed to fall asleep and by the time I woke up from my 2 hours nap, the pain subsided and I was a free man again! (free to do anything).

I am a guy who seldom visit doctor for any illness unless its a severe one. Ever since i was enlisted into Army, I had 3 major illness. Time to take good care of my body!

Thank you Bella for the TLC, thank you Sister for the tastless but still edible dinner lol

N.B. Oh did I mention that Newcastle lost the match to Aston Villa when the whistle blew at 1am. And it was the match that caused my beloved Newcastle to relegate to Championship next season? Is there a correlation? hmmm....

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