Labour Day Brunch and Dinner

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Brunch: Prawn Aglio Olio Peperoncino

Basically, aglio means garlic, olio means olive oil, peperoncino means pepper/chilli and prawn means... prawn.

The ingredients
Chilli Padi (Removing most of the seeds)
Garlic (Tons of it)
Parsley Flakes (Seldom have readily fresh parsley in my supermarket here)
Spaghetti Pasta
Glass Prawn
Anchovy (With capers in olive oil)

Closer look at the chopped ingredients

The secret ingredient, anchovy!

Deveined prawn

Final Dish

Easily prepared, easy ingredients, whipped up in less than 30min if you are familiar.


Bella enjoying the pasta in her little chair

Dinner: Fried Fish, Oyster Kailan, Guo Tie

Bella frying her fish (ages since she last stepped into kitchen!)

Her fish plus my sauce!

Left; Guo Tie bought from downstairs
Right: My usual oyster sauce Kailan


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