David Widjaja’s suicide note?

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Revealing suicide note tells of a David Widjaja that is vastly different from the impression given by parents and friends.

A SUICIDE note titled ‘last words’, as well as an Internet search history for information on ‘suicide’ and ‘murder’ were found in a laptop belonging to David Widjaja.

In the suicide note, dated January 25, the author wrote that he had “passed most of my life with sorrow and suffering, and I don’t have any will to live.”

The note also revealed that after the writer left high school, he found life ‘much more difficult and complicated’

The note continued: “I have tried to struggle but it seems my mental (strength) is not strong enough to continue.”

The final lines of the note read: “What have I done with my life? Basically nothing but repetition.”

The contents told an account of an unhappy childhood with family quarrels and pressure from the author’s mother.

Meanwhile information extracted from the web browser history in the laptop revealed multiple searches on how to murder and commit suicide within a period of three months before Widjaja’s death.

Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng, a technology crime forensic examiner, described in detail the forensic examination of the laptop, and told the inquiry that investigations into Widjaja’s mobile phone and thumbdrive yielded no results relevant to the case.

However Senior Senior Staff Sgt Ng did not rule out the possibility that another user, apart from Widjaja, could have used the laptop if the user had Widjaja’s password.

He also clarified that the suicide note which had been written on January 25 had seen no changes to it ever since.

Meanwhile, amongst the nine witnesses whose names had been submitted by the Widjaja family to the coroner’s court, seven have yet to take the witness stand.

Five witnesses have also declined to testify in court, citing work commitments and the fact that they did not know Widjaja very well.

The inquiry continues on 24 June.


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