Bintan Trip (again)

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This time round, we have another couple with us; Wendy's bro and his girlfriend.

As before, our breakfast was the super nice Lor Mee at Bedok Interchange; one of the best in Singapore no joke.

After the nice breakfast, we took a bus to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to meet up with her bro. Taking advantage of duty free, how can we leave Singapore without some nice beer? Unfortunately, we only bought 3 cans of Carlsberg which on hindsight is too little!!!

Sadly, we did not manage to board the new ferry; it was still the old Falcon/Penguin ferry.

Left: Wendy's bro and his gf
Right: One of the thing that I always anticipate when going overseas is the resort/hotel room and Bintan Agro has got one of the nicest around at affordable price

Bottom: View from our Balcony

First meal at Bintan, a nice Chicken Burger with fruit salad and drink ($7)

After a hearty lunch, we rest a while before going down to Kayak! As the sea bed was quite flat throughout the first maybe 1km?, we managed to paddle quite a distance out. ($5 per person for 30min!) In the last 15min or so, more and more water just got onto our kayak and it seems that we will sink any moment. We had no idea why.

Wendy and the rest went for a 3 hours massage cum spa while I stayed in my room as I deemed massaging a torture!

Wendy's spa photos

Dinner Time at the only seafood restaurant

Left: Super nice chilli crab
Right: Sun Moon Fried Rice (Nice!)

Left: Butter Oat Crab (Nice!)
Right: Baby Kailan (Booo)

Left: Black Pepper Crab (Nice!)
Right: Garlic Prawn (Nice!)

Heineken (Best!)

Wendy's bro bought some fireworks and we released it at the beach

Captured using a Point & Shoot camera. Trick: Use multi-frame shutter mode

The night is still young. I gave a call to the frontdesk and was told that the swimming pool is open for all till 11pm. We went for a 30min swim with the pool all by ourselves except for a non-existent guy :)

And... the night is still young! After our swim, we played our usual texas poker with peanut as wager. No prize for guessing right who has the more peanuts ;)

Water retreated quite a distance in the morning and revealed much of the seabed

Buffet breakfast. Roti Prata, omelet and noodle.

Flu for the 2nd day, must be the night swimming :(

Last ditch of activity by Bella, thai massage!

Bella with her beloved Pillow bidding goodbye aww~

Bonus Picture

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