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In the lift

Had my first fish spa (or doctor fish) at Marina Square today with Bella. I will cut the boring feeling said by many when they first experience it (you know, the usual stuff like "oh initially it felt ticklish but soon you will get used to it bla bla bla").

Cute little fishes

I have 3 blood clot on my feet due to soccer. Well, these doctors managed to bite off a little but not much. Maybe I need more experience doctors to see to it. It cost $28 for a 30min session. Reckon the one at AMK previously will cost cheaper but unfortunately it was not there anymore.

We have the whole place to ourselves on a food Friday afternoon

After the nice session, I was shocked to see that the hairs on my legs are gone! Just kidding, we Bella went to do some window shopping at Sasa and Watson before heading to our Transformer movie. It was nice and definitely worth the money because the movie was more than 2 hours long.

The initial plan after movie was to have a steamboat dinner at home but by the time we prepare everything, it would be close to 9pm. So we decided go New York New York. I ordered my usual Bacon Aglio Olio to see if I could sense any secret ingredient in this dish but I failed miserably; only managed to taste bacon in the noodle lol.

Waited at least 15 to 20min for our food
Hungry and food craze Bella is going mad

Top: Fish Dip with fries (nice!)
Left: Bacon Aglio Olio (nice!)
Right: Half Spring Chicken with Wedges (nice!)


Bella with her sweet tooth after dinner

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