Freebie Day!

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Saturday was a freebie day with Bella because she has 3 freebies to claim while I have 2.

We started the day by a train ride down to Orchard (It only takes us 20min compared to 45min previously from my area due to the Circle Line). Upon reaching Far East Plaza, we grab our breakfast at the nice Claypot Chicken Rice stall which I always bring my Army friends to dine (Wee Hian, Joel and co.). I always tell them its nice but they doubt me after eating (rahhh). Bella had claypot yi mian while I ordered claypot hokkien mee. I still prefer the super nice claypot chicken rice.

Bella went for her girls-appointment for 30min while I laze around surfing the net using her Blackberry Bold.

First destination, SK-II branch. Unfortunately, it was fully redeemed a week ago. Bella was sad.

Second destination, Ngee Ann City's Watson outlet to collect some Loreal hamper. Same outcome argh. Apparently, it seems that they made used of freebie to do free promotion or advertising sort (imagine how magical would it be for a company to send 1000 notices for people to collect free hamper while it only has 10 in stocks, all in the name of getting the people down). Bella and I were sad. She was sadder.

Bella decided to make a visit to the Starhub centre at Cuppage to upgrade her blackberry firmware. We were told that the nearest customer service center to perform the service is at Plaza Singapura. Bella, needless to say, was sadder than sadder before.

We walked over to Plaza Sing to send her phone in and were suggested to return in an hour time to collect it. Our last destination was a MRT stop away at Stamford House.

Our last destination was at Stamford House. The outlet is call Fr3b; a company that gives out free samples. We waited for about 20min in the queue only to realise that we were in for a good bargain. Each of us was allowed to choose any 8 sample products from their stores free of charge. Bella, having forgotten all her sadness previously, was jumping with joy.

The Fr3b store at Stamford House

Our bag of freebies

Having passed 2 hours, we went back to collect the lonely berry. The CSO (Customer Service Officer) told us the loading was only half way through and were advised to return 30min later. We went to Xin Wang for our dinner after a long day of walk.

Happy Bella checking her stuff

Famished me

Top: Her sliced fish soup
Bottom: My chicken chop fried rice

After the dinner, we collected Bella's berry before heading home. But, knowing that there was a wine fair, how could Bella miss it?

The Wine Fair at Plaza Singapura by Carrefoure

Playing with her newly bought wine

All her stuff :*(

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Eugene Fu - August 16, 2009 at 1:59 PM

brown brother is good. especially the moscato. i dun like the rose flavour though :(

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