The Wine Glass

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Met up with Bella on Thursday after her work to head down to The Wine Glass with vouchers courtesy from Joel Lau Chun Hee.

We first proceed to the Harbourfront hawker centre for our early dinner at around 6pm. We love the oyster omelet at the far end of the hawker. We also love the simple $2 Singapore dishes. The results...

Top: $3 Oyster Omelet, $2 Fried Kway Tiao
Bottom: $2 Fried Carrot Cake, $2 Fried Hokkien Mee

After the nice dinner, we walked around Vivocity to digest our food for the wine later. The only transport to the Keppel Island is taxi or foot. I chose the latter because the person said it was only a 10mins walk from Harbourfront. I think her walking pace was 20km/hr because it took us about 20mins.

And so, we walked along the Bay Drive with cruise on one side, yacht on the other in the night. Taking some photos along the way, it looks pretty late but it was only 8pm.

Upon nearing the building of cafes and restaurants, we did a quick AOP (Area of Appreciation) before heading for our destination which is located on the 2nd floor. I was praying the bartender did not mistaken my reservation as booking the whole place down because we were the only customer there.

Entrance to The Wine Glass

Left: Me with Stella Artois
Right: Bella with dunno what Red Wine

We have a cool $50 vouchers. Bella started with her favorite red wine while me, the usual icy cold beer. After some photos snapping, we (or rather mostly Bella) did some PR with the bartenders there and managed to strike out some good deals and information such as discount, membership info and wine tasting session etc.

Model: Collin Yeo

Model: Bella aka Wendy Sim

A 2nd round of drinks saw me ordering yet another beer (love it) while Bella ordered the Long Island Tea.

Taken using a simple P&S Digital Camera

Left: Bella's shooting skills (Notice my mouth was chopped by the glass)
Right: Nicer?

Last round saw Bella drinking a free white wine (due to her PR skills) while I tried the Caiprinha, a kind of cocktail with lime, brown sugar etc.


Satisfied Us

It was approaching 1115pm when we decided to call it a night and bid farewell to The Wine Glass. We walked out to hitch a cab. Luckily the cool looking black taxi did not see us while we flagged for it. Upon conversation with the eventual taxi Uncle, it was revealed that the monster has a flag down fare of $5, the most expensive in Singapore. This is due to the higher monthly rental of about $4000, twice the amount of standard taxi.

Chrysler 300C

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Bella always complain my bonus picture was an ugly portray picture of her. This time round its me!!!

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